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United: Americans no longer deceived by talking heads

United: Americans no longer deceived by talking heads


We are not red or blue. We are not liberal or conservative. We are not crazy or criminal. We are not left or right, black, white, red, brown, yellow, purple or green. Those are governmental designations meant to manipulate, divide and conquer the American people. Sorry, but government and big media loses because we claim our humanity.

Government, however, is tyrannical, law-breaking, secretive and devious, and theft-based. When U.S. citizens are taxed on a daily basis for most everything they purchase or pay for in the form of utilities or gasoline, billions of dollars in taxes are generated EVERY DAY. As such, this economy should be perfectly fine. The reason it is not fine is that all those enforced taxes are immediately stolen and invested into government and bank investment portfolios, and then traded only amongst insider corporate traders, globally. Today’s governments are international theft rings, which is why bank accounts remain hidden all over the world and money laundering and untaxed black markets are common practice.

In governmental wakes of destruction are all of Europe, all the Middle East, Cambodia, Brazil, Peru, Japan, China, New Zealand, the United States, Russia, and many, many other countries. In their wakes of destruction are hundreds of thousands of war victims and soldiers, entire national economies, and billions of starving, sickened and dead people. Human culling is also a common practice, both historically and presently, by those who operate illegally while in positions of power.

Unfortunately for those in power, the Internet clearly exposed their theft, lies, immorality, governance/political/corporate partnerships, and their land grabbing (theft of natural resources). Equally, their “internationalizing” of global economies solely for the purpose of providing corporations with global-sized, slave-wage labor forces was immediately evident to American people and to the rest of the world, but particularly to 80% of adult Americans who, today, are part-time workers, on multiple government entitlements, and/or living in poverty; eighty percent, and with “affordable” and enforced monthly health care payments to the government looming just weeks from now, payments which come with federal IRS enforcers.

Many have predicted that hell will break loose in the U.S. toward the end of the year. No doubt, once American people realize that their mandated health care payments will cost them between $250 to $1000.00 each and every month, with wholly unaffordable deductibles AND very, very limited medical care, particularly for senior citizens, trouble will ensue as a result of anger and an unaffordability that will cause at least 80% of America’s poor to rebel AND to become criminalized as is obvious by America’s practicing, militarized law enforcement agencies. Add to this reality the orchestrated economic bankruptcy of the U.S., the decades-long refusal of government to provide manufacturing or jobs for the people, and their near complete mission to enforce slave-wage labor forces in the U.S. as in Mexico and Asia, and the recipe for national “crisis” is clear as a bell, with paramilitary soldiers, weapons, and martial law systems readied and intact. Then add the elimination of the constitutional rights of the people. Yes, trouble is forthcoming.

Any further denial of the people is off the table. Those donned conservative and liberal, red and blue alike, realize the horrible infliction of lies and gross manipulations, the theft of their national laws, civil rights, human rights, and their stolen lives, liberties, and any ability to pursue happiness. There is no more Democrat or Republican denial for the bottom 80% of this nation. The Democrat and Republican “representatives” purposefully and with skilled planning destroyed this nation and, today, the people have no choice but to stand in a united front against what is surely to be a very, very difficult and impending future.

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