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Administrative Integrity No Longer Exists

Administrative Integrity No Longer Exists

It does not matter how many mistakes administrators make when they are only held accountable when and if screw ups are 1) public, and 2) possibly linked to those higher in the chain of command. In fact, the moral and ethical failures in management/administration are not only epidemic but also a matter of training.

Today’s management targets, plans, and sets up workers they wish to replace, all the while failing to perform well themselves, to properly train employees while they are trained in management techniques to mistreat and manipulate workers in order to protect corporations both for- and non-profit. Many administrators have become mean-spirited and very devious, and they regularly communicate with forked tongues. Management, in fact, has become loaded with canned, facilitated, and much practiced treachery.

Meetings behind closed doors determine game-changing plans months and even years in advance in most places of employment. New methods based on political incentives are implemented as strategic plans, and employees are rarely taken into account. Profits and the raising of administrative salaries are foremost goals; employees are “acceptable losses”, particularly to technological advances that do not require paychecks. As such, today’s administrators are trained to disassociate themselves from employees via no “fraternization” regulations. Workers are considered to be expenses that can and will be replaced by technologies, which is another reason why non-administrators are now part-time workers. This trajectory having been fully operational for the past ten to fifteen years is not unknown to average working people, but the standard mistreatment and purposeful finding of fault in order to readily dismiss employees is insidious. Equally insidious is to be told one or two weeks in advance of job dismissals that positions have been eliminated when for months or years such plans were implemented.

The employment devastation upon the people in the U.S. and in Europe is a result of a corporate culture of unscrupulous proportions where dishonesty and callousness is expected and condescension and distain for workers is trained into administrators. Workers are lesser beings, administrators are “community” elitists, and profits and administrative salaries reign politically supreme. This is particularly true for administrators who seek grant funding and use such funds to improve real estate for their governance masters while lying to and cheating both workers and students.

Administrators knowing as much protect each other at all costs. Workers cannot fight even repetitive, blatant mismanagement because department heads cover for each other, exactly as they have been trained to do. They even use identical facilitation language when dealing with unhappy employees. They intimidate, cut off, and refuse any complaint or issue that does not follow party lines. They leave employees feeling dismissed, stupid, ignored, and of no consequence; all learned psychological tactics. Today’s administrators are trained that human resources are disposable, easily replaceable, and of no value to corporations. They simply find other human resources to replace old ones. People are replaced like bad parts and tossed aside. No one cares.

Being reduced from a human being to a resource speaks volumes, particularly in a culture that condemns individual creativity and effort while opting for canned, step-by-step instructional belief and behavior systems. Employees today are robots to political and corporate industrialization mechanisms, doing one or two things, exactly as pre-programmed/told; no deviations and no mistakes. As a result, today’s management ensures the programming and worker obedience. They dehumanize their employees and their students. As American and European people well know, no problem exists that matters to management. Nothing anyone has to say about work-related problems matters. Nothing matters at all to management except corporate continuity, profits and covering all administrative mistakes. Try to fight such a system, and teams of corporate lawyers will bankrupt and often publicly destroy employees for daring to speak up.

This corporate paradigm follows the political paradigm and agendas that are degrading all legal rights. They are one in the same system, which is heavy-handed and dictatorial; a comply, stay silent, or be punished system of governance, and administrators have followed suit in order to remain employed. This system is immoral, unethical, cruel, and profoundly wicked. Equally, it is classism on steroids and, again and again, the average person is screwed by elite design.

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