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The Ever-Expanding Enemies

The Ever-Expanding Enemies

For thousands of years human beings have explained in blood how the moneyed classes and their political powers are vicious thieves, pathological liars, and the worst of criminal elements in the human species. Today and throughout history the richest and most powerful have defined enemies, sanity and insanity, education, housing and neighborhoods, taxation, disease, laws, religious rules and regulations, normality, science, technology, what is needed and unneeded, beauty, gender roles, job descriptions, pay scales, and every nation on earth’s caste systems. All of human history has evolved on the scars and spilled blood enforced by the overly rich and powerful, and the greatest bulk of humanity has suffered in poverty, sickness, and bloodshed as a result - most.

During the third week of August, last week, I drove mornings, afternoons and nights through the wetlands of Michigan. Not one insect hit my windshield; not one as I recalled my father scraping bugs off the windshields of his and my mother’s cars nearly every summer day in the 1950’s and 60’s. This year the absence of insects, though noticeably declining for several decades, was near absolute. No houseflies, blackflies, no moths, no butterflies, no ants, no dragon or damsel flies; only mosquitos and Japanese beetles. There were next to no insects in the Michigan wetlands, and the ponds were dead silent; no chirping, no croaking. I saw one…ONE…lightning bug in 2014.

For years there were small herds of deer in my yard due to its size and pond. For the last two years I saw not one deer. For years there were birds of all kinds. This year I saw four robins and grackles; nothing more, and not once did I hear the tweeting of spring birds. Early in the spring and for several weeks I saw two swans on a pond; weeks later there was one, and then none, and the massive flocks of Canadian geese have simply all but vanished and in all likelihood have ceased to exist. Head’s up, people: you and I did not cause any of this; the overly rich and powerful, without fail, did.

Decade by decade, just as in the insect and bird kingdoms, we are being poisoned by nano-particulate aluminum and other heavy metals, radiation, electrical frequencies, microwaves, engineered climates and loss of sunlight, and lab engineered diseases, bacteria, and viruses. You and I did none of this; they, however, did in the desire to depopulate, and they care not regarding who or what dies. They fear their safety and secrecy compromised, and their intent to control is depopulation, fear mongering, mass surveillance, war, murder, poisoning, and hand-selecting enemies of choice and convenience. We are also dying off.

Epidemic kidney and liver failures (pharmaceutical drugs, growth hormones and veterinary vaccines and antibiotics in animal and GMO grocery foods), Alzheimer’s disease (nano-particulate aluminum/geoengineering and pharmaceutical cocktails/overdosing), autism spectral disorders (nano-particulate aluminum/geoengineering and pharmaceutical vaccine cocktails/overdosing), epidemic weight and diabetes problems (veterinary growth hormones, vaccines and antibiotics in animal and GMO grocery foods), epidemic asthma and upper respiratory illnesses (nano-particulate aluminum, barium, strontium, GM and lab created bacteria/geoengineering/aerial spraying), fluorinated and other chemically poisoned water concoctions, human food composed of GM corn and soy ingredients made for rapid growth fast food cattle, chicken, pigs, and fish feed); all with animals and people failing to thrive beneath altered climate systems. You and I did not cause any of this; they, however, did while utilizing many types of armies raised against biological life, globally, and globally fish and plankton are dying to extinction. Ninety percent of aquatic insect life is gone in the western states, which is causing epidemic bird deaths coupled with radiation poisoning from thousands of nuclear tests in the oceans, on land, and in space. Fukushima has destroyed most of the Pacific Ocean and its plant and animal life, and that event is ongoing whereby rapidly and permanently destroying the planet’s ecosystems. Evaporation of the radiated Pacific Ocean is the primary source of radiated rainfall on the planet; hence, plant, animal, and human sickness and death result.

Funny how the rich and powerful also discovered the wildly expensive and simultaneous spa-pastime of “cleansing” during their reign and rains of terror while biological life crashes and burns. They have seemingly discovered ways to rid their bodies of poisons. No doubt, with their private physicians, they also partake of “cleansing” substances made to ensure their continuity while most of humanity, plants, animals, and ecosystems die off in record historical speed. You and I cannot afford expensive spa cleansing; such medical luxuries are reserved for millionaire, billionaire, and trillionaires – the very same buying all fresh water sources, globally, biosphere-reserving the largest acreages on the planet (the remaining natural resources that they haven’t already blown through), while forcing the sick and dying into stack-em/pack-em mini “communities” they defined and designed to control our primary life sustaining needs. They separate themselves from our slow deaths in guarded mansions on the outskirts of and within the biosphere reserves, cleansing their known poisons.

The overly rich and powerful have never in history wanted to pay slaves. They want ownership and free labor in exchange for minimal food and housing. Equally, they want child and female slaves for ease of discipline and sex, which is one reason why male virility has also been in decline since the 1960’s, globally, and why the processes of sterilized seeds came into existence and , when fed to males, can sterilize and altered natural aggression. You and I did not cause this; they, however, did.

Human DNA has been collected and tested for the desired characteristics of the overly rich and powerful. They desire self-replication with the rest of humanity believed not only acceptable but desired losses; mindless, cancerous, with major organs poisoned and failing immediately beginning at the new, determined age of eldership, age 55, and with suggestions to lower the age to 50 – the age past beauty and optimal strength. Even “human resource” departments are told to avoid hiring past the age of 45; this told to me personally from several human resource managers, which brings us to the topic of automated machine laborers.

Our ability to take care of ourselves, our autonomy, was taken with the enforcement of international trade and economy, which is why part-timing became the new way of rabble DNA life. Part-timing is the stepping stone to 1) the elimination of rabble money, and 2) the next step toward global unpaid labor or full-fledged slavery. The overly rich and powerful do not want to pay slaves, and many people today exist without money but using plastic swipe cards provided by employers. Most realize they can go weeks without carrying cash or coin by simply swiping or computing to pay bills and to “purchase” their needs. Money as the world has known it is purposely becoming obsolete, beginning with fiat money, except for the overly rich and powerful. Equally, the largest labor forces on earth are now trafficked and/or sweatshop slaves, and the incarcerated; all unpaid slaves in corporate “communities” called international trade zones and privatized prisons. Most everyone else is part-timing toward cashlessness, with many today card-swiping through economic life. We did not cause this; they, however, did, and we are getting used to being poorer and sicker with each passing year, and with no means of saving or collecting “money”. Soon, however, robotics will replace human income earners as robots require no pay, thus making the bulk of sickly humans even more undesirable and offensive to the overly rich and powerful.  Equally, without pay and land ownership, our taxation usefulness will be over.  Then what good are we? 

Public education, which was always meant to train low-wage/minimal knowledge laborers, somehow led to the lower and middle classes becoming university educated and acquiring actual wealth in the form of land, natural resources, and businesses. Very quickly public education was redesigned by slave labor corporate demand. Equally, millions of new rabble laws appeared on the books, which criminalized nearly every human activity, even to the extent of picking certain flowers or collecting certain bird feathers from forest floors. Today’s schools teach slave etiquette, slave expectations, and slave group-think. As such, earning livable wages has become very close to being criminalized as the IRS can but does not tell you. We did not cause any of this, but they did.

Thinking and speaking outside of slave group-think are today acts of “terrorism”. Individualism and autonomy are illegal so declare the overly rich and powerful, and they have legislated thusly and militarized all law enforcement accordingly; we are not to challenge their authority or mastership. Therefore, let us readdress “slave codes”, the same laws which were created in the early 1700’s due to fear of slave rebellions and to restrict the behaviors of rebellious slaves:

“Legally considered property, slaves were not allowed to own property of their own. They were not allowed to assemble without the presence of a white person. Slaves that lived off the plantation were subject to special curfews.

“In the courts, a slave accused of any crime against a white person was doomed. No testimony could be made by a slave against a white person. Therefore, the slave's side of the story could never be told in a court of law. Of course, slaves were conspicuously absent from juries as well.

“Slave codes had ruinous effects on African American society. It was illegal to teach a slave to read or write. Religious motives sometimes prevailed, however, as many devout white Christians educated slaves to enable the reading of the Bible. These same Christians did not recognize marriage between slaves in their laws. This made it easier to justify the breakup of families by selling one if its members to another owner.

“As time passed and the numbers of African Americans in the New World increased, so did the fears of their white captors. With each new rebellion, the slave codes became ever more strict, further abridging the already limited rights and privileges this oppressed people might hope to enjoy” (

So, consider:

1.      Not allowed to own property (Agenda 21)

2.      No testimony by a slave could be heard in court (NDAA + endless executive orders)

3.      Illegal to read and write:

·         One child in four grows up not knowing how to read.

·         43% of adults at Level 1 literacy skills live in poverty

·         3 out of 4 food stamp recipients perform in the lowest 2 literacy levels

·         90% of welfare recipients are high school dropouts (one-third of the U.S.)

·         70% of incarcerated people are functionally illiterate

·         70% of college students cannot read a complex book

4.      Marriage as an unrecognized institution for slaves (acceptance of sex outside of marriage with near 60% divorce rate)

5.      Increased fear of slave rebellion led to increased laws that limited more and more rights of the oppressed.

Familiarity rings many bells, and today those bells ring in unison with the slave codes of the 1700’s. The slave codes in American history were initially written for African and Native American slave. They were later extended to Asian and Irish slaves, and today they exist in original completion for all minus the overly rich and powerful. Let it also be said that the original racism of the early nation continues in today’s systemic codes of elite power. To deny such would be a flat-out lie.

Today we operate in the new yet constant world of the designated enemies of the overly rich and powerful. Once again, and through fear of rebellion, they are oppressing the oppressed with enhanced rules, regulations, laws, and enforcements meant to keep slaves in tow. However, this time in history it is also different. Today’s slaves are based on DNA and levels of genetic removal from elite lines. “If you’re not with us, you’re against us;” this from the president who ordered that DNA be collected from every American and databased (G. W. Bush). Even newborns’ DNA samples are collected and databased as well as every incarcerated person. We are ranked and rated master or slave.

The enemy list is growing as new and expanded definitions of slavery are defined by the overly rich and powerful. This should have been obvious when public schools from their very inception modeled prison system with beatings, line marching, bells, ordered eating, limited outside exercise (recess), and physical training (Phys. Ed). It should have been obvious by the elimination of all privacy; also denied in the prison system. It should have been obvious by licensing (work, driving, guns, hunting, fishing, boating, marriage, etc.); all “privileges” defined and granted by the overly rich and powerful.

As we continue rapidly declining in health, being depleted of nutrients, waning with chemical, radiological and pharmaceutical poisoning, lowered intelligence and poverty, while at the same time willingly accepting Smart phones, computers, and recreational chemicals as substitutes for health, intellect, and livelihoods, let us attempt to focus on the overly rich and powerful. All of human history has evolved on the scars and spilled blood enforced for their continuity, and the greatest bulk of humanity has suffered. Today you are among their impoverished, sick, and dying as is all of biological life. Cleansing is needed.

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