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Bye-bye U.S. Food Supply

Bye-bye U.S. Food Supply

I remember when grocery stores were called “markets”. They were small stores that contained meat counters, produce and dairy sections, and about two or three short aisles of boxed and canned goods. Today meat, produce and dairy comprise the outer rims of mega-stores, with the bulk of square footage now reserved for government subsidized corn, soy and wheat GMO pretend food.

I also remember when chickens were half the size of today’s morbidly obese corporate birds. I remember when cattle and swine were healthy, never once hearing of sickened herds. I remember when chickens could walk and run around, and they were hand-fed. I remember when cows, pigs and chickens were healthy and bred naturally, and there was plenty of food for the American people.

I remember when food animals were not drugged, and I knew of not one person who died of drug-free animals. I drank raw milk for most of my childhood. No one I ever knew became sick from raw milk including to this day.

I remember when grocery tomatoes tasted like fresh-picked non-GMO tomatoes. So did all other biological vegetables and fruits. I also remember buying fresh produce, which I cannot do today since they are imported from thousands of miles away. Today fruits and vegetables rot within days of purchase.

I remember when the Pacific Ocean was the world’s largest food supply. Today, life in the Pacific Ocean is dying off from radiation and geoengineering. Too bad all oceans are connected.

I remember California as a fertile, cool and damp land perfect for a near year-long growing season for both crops and animals. That scenario somehow miraculously ended coinciding with GMO development and mass-use and daily geoengineering/aerial spraying campaigns. Do tell.

I remember when farmers were respected and cherished as providers of natural and healthy food. Today, controlled by corporate contracts, farmers are maligned as polluters. Prior to corporate take-overs, American farms had the healthiest soils having been fertilized by non-GMO manure. Today, all corporate crop soils are toxic as are GM crops, crop pollen, aquafers, and water wells.

I remember the Global Biodiversity Assessment, published in 1996, that stated the ownership of private property had to end, private farming had to end, meat-eating had to end, central heating and air conditioning had to end, and that the human population had to be culled.

Today, I see home gardeners being punished and organic farmers (all farmers used to be “organic”) being run out of business while corporations destroy beef cattle, dairy cows, pigs and chickens to support fast food and national and global restaurant chains; the largest misusers of animals, the growers of GMO crops, the producers of toxic soil chemicals, and the world’s largest water users. I have seen farmers become corporate slaves to fast food and dollar menu part-time Americans who often live on little else.

I have seen the explosion both in humans AND animals of every kind of cancer, child and adult dementia, diseased major organs, diabetes, and obesity on the heels of the government subsidized, grain-based GMO food pyramid, followed by the explosion of Big Pharma profits based on untested and deadly pharmaceutical drugs and hospital mistakes that today have killed millions of “consumers”.

Today 70 to 90% of all food is genetically modified, and food animals are dying in epidemic numbers supposedly by bird, swine, fish, and cattle diseases. Hogwash. They are being eliminated from the food chain as mandated by the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment and Agenda 21. Rapidly in step follows the human culling.

No actual food coupled with rationed and tainted water will continue to escalate degraded human health, and try to imagine what further deterioration will look like. Hunger will lead to mass protests and riots, all clearly anticipated, and then add an economic collapse, also imminent as the global systems take full economic power.

Then remember that you are the bad guys, the “domestic terrorists,” and the polluters. In actuality, you are starving to death by a poisoned and nutrient-depleted corporate governance diet. They call it “climate change” to cover their crime, that being democide; planned death of citizens by democratic government.

Yeah, I know; you can’t even say it isn’t so. Nor can you muster the energy to fight. That’s what happens when you starve, quite literally, ultimately leading to intended death.

I think what I miss most are the rosy cheeks and energy of children. Now they are as pasty, lethargic and drugged as American adults, cows, chickens, and pigs. Sad as well that the plankton, insects and birds are mostly gone and that the world’s trees are rapidly dying. It’s not like we shouldn’t have seen this coming. Sixty+ years of degradation should not have been hard to miss much less believe.

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