Nancy Levant

Training the Interchangeable Global Policing Forces

Training the Interchangeable Global Policing Forces

We don’t want to see it; we don’t want to face the glaring facts, but the same military that trains “moderate rebel forces” in the Mid-East, that cross-trains with foreign militaries on U.S. soil, that trains U.S. law enforcement/state and local police officers and county sheriffs (though county sheriffs’ departments are being eliminated) is training all involved, on U.S. soil, Canadian and Mexican soil, in Europe, in Eastern Europe, in Australia, Japan, China, Russia, and everywhere else on the planet to be the new policing military forces for the one-world government.

The same uniformity is evident in global educational systems, global water and energy control, global/universal health care, global work forces, global vegetarianism (beginning with global “Meatless Mondays”), global Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites, global/central banking, global cartels and Black Markets, global climate engineering, global food consolidation (GMOs), global “international” ports, global trade, global trafficking of corporate low/no-wage laborers, global wars upon all nations attempting to refuse global governance; global/transnational corporations, global NGOs and partnerships, global non-profit, governance stakeholders, globally enforced culture mixing (making all countries homogenous, non-sovereign, and non-cultural), global regionalism (elimination of borders previously defined by sovereign states and nations), global land, water, and private property confiscation, global bankrupting of all formerly sovereign national economies, global mass media manipulation, global Internet control, global disarmament, global climate engineering/geoengineering, etc., etc., etc.

The training and practicing of the global police force in the U.S. is near complete once all equipment is delivered and all recruits, which are now militarily trained men and women, are battle ready. They include local, county, state, foreign, private forces, National Guard, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine forces, armed branches of government, NATO, FEMA, DHS, Conservation officers, etc.. They are global community “peace keepers” though trained for war and to quell rebellion in any forest, desert, burg, campus, neighborhood, town, city, state, resistant nation, global region, or regional borders. They are globally interchangeable. They are the global government’s global policing forces, and they are all war-trained soldiers. The world’s people, for any assigned purpose, are their battlefield.

They know it, some of world’s people know it, but you will never be directly informed about the global government’s policing forces because, if you were told, you would 1) realize the lies of elected representatives who usurped the U.S. government, 2) know they chose to be tyrants, and 3) that ignorance and entertainment addictions resulted in not caring about your nation or freedom for your children. Soon, I suspect, when global policing forces quell all forthcoming rebellions, you will jump on the global bandwagon, just as Henry Kissinger predicted you would do, to save shamed face. There is no hope when no one lifts a finger but to text. There is no hope when people prefer the numbness of denial. There is nothing quite like a pathological bucking of a visible truth.

How many times do we have to go through this? How many times do we opt for savagery vs. the work necessitated by truth? Whether it’s the games of the Roman Coliseum, sports, contemporary gaming, Smart Phoning, tell-a-visioning, and/or getting wasted, why do the people prefer numbed denial over truth, safety, and freedom? I pray for all of us, because I don’t know what else to do in a world overtaken by criminals with global robo-militaries and people agrandized by denial. WTF.

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