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Roger Mundy, May You Rest in Peace (1950-2014)

Roger Mundy, May You Rest in Peace (1950-2014)

How to explain such a man of compassion and integrity I do not know. He died on October 17th following several months of ill-health. His wife said he struggled at the end, but died during a peaceful nap. I find myself silenced by profound sadness at the loss of this extraordinary friend.

We used to talk on the phone about shows we wanted to do, work that needed to be done, and his “project”—that of always, continuously studying the Lord. We talked about daily struggles, the endless need of money, triumphs and interferences; life as it is lived from one day to another. I quite simply cannot believe he is gone.

A passage that Roger repeated both to me personally and on the radio show was, “In all things, give thanks.” This was his motto, his creed, because his faith in Jesus Christ was unshaken. He was a Christian that walked the walk. Praising God was the glory and mission of his life, and his voice resonated with unshakable belief. Bless you, Roger, as you are now at His side.

Our hearts are with Roger’s wife, Sherry, his partner in faith and life’s work. Bless you in this time of sadness and loss. He spoke of you endlessly, his love for you, and the great blessing of sharing his life with you.

Rest in peace, Roger. You changed us. You enriched our lives and moved us profoundly with your knowledge, wisdom and spirit. God’s speed, dear friend.

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