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Govern America: Doing the work, building the bridges

I first met Darren Weeks when he responded to an article I had written, which was my first public Internet post. That was many, many years ago; so long, in fact, that I do not remember the exact year. I became a frequent guest on his radio program, and later we partnered up as co-hosts. We were actually good friends long before we met, friends in the fight for constitutional rights and nation.

Nearing 15 years later, I can tell you why I love this work, the radio show, and the Govern America web site. Darren and I somehow managed to bridge what were the most common battle lines: race, religion, atheism, gender, political affiliations, and age. Over the years we have both realized that every race, every religion, atheists, men and women, republicans, democrats, libertarians, independents, green and constitution party members, socialists and communists have listened in, read our posts, called in to the show, and we all met on equal footing, all learning together. Nobody claims absolute knowledge. Nobody bullies or attacks one another such as in government; no, we all come together to learn from each other, to figure out what has happened to this nation and the world, to share information and find solutions, because we ALL know, without a shadow government of a doubt, that rights both nationally and globally have been eviscerated and, no matter who we are or what we may or may not believe, we are ALL being rapidly and violently criminalized by an illegally raised homeland military system, particularly so in the U.S. and many other western nations.

We have all helped each other to find facts, statistics, cases in point, and experts on today’s most dire topics and, in doing so, bridges all across the nation and world are being built on foundations of knowledge and research performed by people of every walk of life. I am proud of Govern America. I am so proud of our coalition of listeners, researchers and activists. I am also proud of all the other independent programs and broadcasters, writers, speakers, advocates, and state groups who are working for FREEDOM, both here and around the world. We ARE building bridges. We ARE tearing down the media-raised walls that divide us. We ARE uniting, and that is not only our destiny, but also our duty. Remember, the beauty of America is that you CAN have individual opinions, your own beliefs, and you CAN express those opinions AS LONG AS WE ARE FREE PEOPLE with the legal RIGHTS that declare and preserve our FREEDOM. United, we are standing.

On a final note, if you pray, never fail to pray for the people who are in power in this nation. They are human beings with failings, just like all of us, and they need A LOT of prayer. For our atheist or agnostic listeners and readers, knowing you don’t pray is alright with me because you ARE FREE to believe as you choose. I, too, am a huge science enthusiast who also happens to pray for geoengineers, Monsanto scientists, and others whose work is damaging the earth. I am also saying prayers of thanks for those scientists who are working day and night to find real solutions to nature’s sicknesses and to the ongoing nightmares of war. I’ve got no problem whatsoever working side-by-side with you; I DO respect your FREE WILL. You are American people, and that is good enough for me any day of the week. Keep doing the work, building the bridges. United, we will stand a free-thinking people.

Thank you and God bless you, Darren Weeks. You are a hero, a man of great integrity, one of the hardest working people I know, and we are all grateful for your dedication to this nation and its people. Because of you, we ARE a Coalition to Govern America.

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