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Do or Die: The end of the biological line

Do or Die: The end of the biological line

If the best science can do is turn biological life forms into more machinery, plastics, gene-modified/lab created and patented objects, then what exactly was the purpose of ecology, nature worship and the green movement?

If metal particulates and other unknown substances are sprayed in the atmosphere for nearly half a century, and nuclear bomb testing and intended targeting have contaminated the entire planet for more than a half-century, why are you and I targeted for limited medical care and global taxation as every major nation has new nuclear war toys? If nature reverence means we are required to fund the ongoing death of the planet, including humanity, why care about “nature” at all?

Seriously, the best science can do is serve the destroyers of all biological life to such a degree that the only solution is to dehumanize humans and recreate flora while experimenting in the Biosphere Reserves…globally? These are the final findings of educated minds?

Scientists, the mega-rich, and all politicians know what is happening to earth and all biological life forms; they all know, and every one of them should be jailed for crimes against humanity, and new laws should address crimes against biological life, a far greater crime.

No Orca calves have been born in the past three years. Over two hundred species A DAY are estimated to be dying off. The entire planet’s soils, fresh and salt waters, and atmosphere are wholly, 100% contaminated, and all biological life forms are getting sicker by the day; every biological life form. All science offers is drugs, which damage major organs; modified foods, which also damage major organs and reproduction in humans and animals, and nano-particulated air that has caused global epidemics in asthma and pulmonary disorders, and all of which causing cancers in every square inch of humans and animals.

Every family I know has at least one child who is damaged or sick. Today human reproduction is being chemically and genetically eliminated via vaccines, food and air, while all people want to talk about is money. What about Fukushima and the death of the world’s oceans? What about people’s brains being eaten alive by aerosolized nano-metals that we have been breathing for decades? What about scientists purposefully creating viral and bacterial diseases in laboratories all over the world that could wipe out most of humanity? And tell me again who the police are targeting and attacking? Activists? Pets? Children in schools? Gardeners, farmers and ranchers, people who sell a cigarette or tell the truth?

Who destroyed all global economies? Who set off thousands of nuclear devices all over the planet? Who made laws that criminalized selling a cigarette but not for contaminating the entire planet and forcing the sick and dying to pay any and all taxes they can dream up on an annual basis? And this is fine with the world’s scientists, police officers, pastors and priests?

I can tell you this much; time is short. If the killers who have taken over the world are not stopped, most of us will not exist ten years from now, keeping in mind that the Pacific Ocean is mostly dead after three years’ time—THREE—and all the oceans are interconnected.

There is no natural weather as climate warfare has been ongoing for 50 YEARS while you were/are bitching and moaning the party line about tobacco, but not the aluminum, barium, strontium, and depleted uranium that has been blowing in the wind for half a century; the ACTUAL CAUSE of epidemic pulmonary disorders including lung cancer, asthma, COPD, chronic sinus infections AND migraine head pain—globally.

This is the end of the line if the freaks wagging the dog are not stopped. The intent to destroy has been playing out in full force before your eyes. The damage is obvious in your brain-damaged elders and children and dead whales, fish, bird and insect populations. Then add the 50% loss in plankton, sick forest mammals, sick farm animals, deadly food crops, and wholly toxic soils.


The freaks claim you have no say—NO SAY WHATSOEVER—about all the above except that you have to pay for damages to “nature” and that your “health” care is not sustainable but force-taxed upon you just the same in monthly payments to killers.

Something has to be done because, guaranteed, your children will not survive their generation. The culling is in full force, and using the standard modus operandi, they are going to blame someone or some event(s) to cover their crimes. They are killing off the entire planet, but what they are after is eliminating greatest bulk of humanity. The reason why is because we know all the above.

If you are not involved on a daily basis in this fight for life, to hell with you, and have fun explaining that to your chronically sick and brain-damaged children.

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