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Global Governance in the U.S.

Global Governance in the U.S.


Vast expanses of property, land and watershed systems, have been reclassified from sovereign territories to international territories. In other words, hundreds of millions of acres and water sources, once U.S. properties, are now “international” properties. Today, 90% of the American people remain unaware the U.S. Biosphere Reserves and the International World Heritage Sites that no longer belong to the people of this nation. They belong to the world’s international governing organizations; specifically, the United Nations. Controlled mass media was instrumental in the land mass re-designation blackout. There are 47 Biosphere Reserves in the United States. Each reserve is ringed by more vast acreages called Conservation Corridors, and each Conservation Corridor is ringed by more vast acreages called Buffer Zones. It is estimated that at least 100,000,000 acres are now “international” properties, all once having been acreages belonging to the United States of America.

Remaining properties and territories are made saleable by presidential executive orders. For example, in 1992 George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12803, the “Infrastructure Privatization” E.O. This order made the following list saleable and/or lease-able to private and foreign interests:
• Roads and Tunnels
• Bridges
• Electricity supply facilities
• Mass transit
• Rail transportation
• Airports
• Ports
• Waterways
• Recycling/wastewater treatment facilities
• Solid waste disposal facilities
• Hospitals
• Prisons
• Schools
• Housing

Executive Order 12803 states that this is not the complete list, but only “examples” of what is for sale in the U.S. Again, 90% of the American people are clueless regarding what has been sold to foreign countries and what is no longer American property. In other words, the American people have no clue that their nation is 1) not America, and 2) has been sold off and with much remaining for sale.

The fact that America is not America is why the legal system has changed. Laws and rights have been changed according to the mandates of new ownership which is certainly communistic in nature and the fundamental reason for the elimination of constitutional laws and civil rights. Clearly, the new ownership is totalitarian in nature and intention and ardently opposed to freedom.

Allowing and being addicted to rule by governmental and corporate elites guaranteed that national militaries would be raised and paid to protect such elites as is history’s constant pattern. As a marine told me two days ago, “…soldiers will never bite the hands that pay us…we’re just as greedy as the next human being.” Let us also assume that the very elite mercenaries are very, very well paid as are the scientists that create high-tech weaponry of every make and measure.

The “American” sensibility has been particularly targeted due to our belief in privacy, free speech, freedom of religion, and in the right to keep and bear arms. To be honest, most Americans do not know the other freedoms once provided by their former constitution because they never bothered to read it. Specifically targeted, however, was the right to privacy, a fair legal system, free speech, freedom to practice the religion of choice, and the right to self and property protection. The right to privacy is gone. The right to free speech is gone. You better be damned careful what you say and to whom. Freedom of religion is gone because you are a designated terrorist if you are religious; being a believer of a god any kind is dangerous. The right to bear arms is lessening by the year, and the United Nations is working hand in hand with national governments all over the world to disarm Average Joe. They have been very, very successful in this venture. Expect more executive orders to ensue regarding the Second Amendment; that or a declaration of national Martial Law, which you should expect anyway considering the ongoing, decade-long practice drills.

The total corruption of the U.S. economy by expert bankers, expert economists, expert investors, and expert politicians was brilliantly executed. They killed off the entire nation’s financial system decade by decade to today’s point of near-collapse and national ruin. There are no jobs, there is no ability to invest in creative invention, there is no intelligent educational system, and there is no financial incentive to hire full-time employees or to reward good work. Sadly for millions of American people, they are now forced to apply online for part-time jobs, with most never hearing from potential employers. They wait for emails that never come, and as months pass, they cannot afford to drive around looking for low wage jobs. Millions of Americans have become paralyzed in poverty and have no choice but to beg on the government’s many entitlement programs, whereby becoming loathed by those who have any work at all.

As promised by our President, energy prices of all makes and measures have skyrocketed. Gasoline is again at $4.00 per gallon, electricity rates are rapidly rising as are natural gas rates, and water bills are increasing every year. Food prices rise with every trip to grocery stores, and the physical and emotional energy of the American people continues to decline month after month. Senior citizens are routinely drugged to death, children are drugged into chemical illnesses, and American women continue to lead the world in diagnostic depressions. Equally, American people lead the world in liver and kidney failure, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and autism spectrum disorders, all food- and pharmaceutical-related illnesses, and the best our “representatives” can come up with are assisted suicide laws. While the American people continue to be criminalized for being, the final nail in the coffin will be the Affordable Health Care Act, which will financially destroy tens of millions of America’s part-time workers coupled with being “policed” by foreign military troops.

All the above was silently enacted by the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. This was always their baby and intention, and everything that has happened in this nation was planned by their secrets and hired expertise. The problem is, they did not represent the wishes of the people, and the people ignored their representatives who absconded with their nation, laws and all legal and unalienable rights. This is also how and why the American people were criminalized, and there’s not one politician who can say it isn’t so. Yep.

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