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For the First Time in History, the Whole World Sees Elites for What They Are

For the First Time in History, the Whole World Sees Elites for What They Are

The Internet changed the world’s 99 percent. We are no longer in the dark nor can we be divided by manipulation. We all know how the game is played, who the players are, and we all understand the theft of our labors. This knowledge is THE game changer. The one percent is rich by our servitude, our manual labors, and they have worked throughout history to hide their theft, their total manipulation of our educations, and they have always taxed us and held us rule-bound in order to hold us down as manual laboring slaves, their slaves. The one percent are expert thieves with enough money to by armies of protection.

The Industrial Revolution started the organized servitude to elites and the dis-educations they enforced upon the masses through mandatory public education. The schools ranked and sorted us, and today the ranking and sorting includes diagnosing one-quarter of the 99 percent as mentally impaired. It is all but guaranteed that these children will be disallowed reproductive rights. Most children will become low wage labor forces and soldiers, and a few will become “managers” or lower-end medium wage earners. Only hand-selected and connected students will be permitted to go forth into higher degrees and income brackets, the fewest of the few.

This is a global phenomenon, but this methodology was born first in Europe to sort and separate the classes, and then it arrived in U.S. as this nation always follows suit with its European masters. However, today the United States and the rest of the world know how the game is played, and this is why bioweapons have been developed, why food and water is sickening the masses, why technological spying has become totalitarian, and this is also why law enforcement has become completely akin to the militarized forces of twentieth century Europe, Russia and China.

Their problem, of course, is mass media, which is finally seeing the crystal clear light of day, but this is also why “guaranteed” cyber-attacks will take down the Internet and perhaps the entire power grid. The one percent will have their personal grids, rest assured. They will not lose power, lose contact with each other, or be cold or hungry.

This is reality. This is what the 99 percent know and face. In truth, the odds are certainly in our favor, but favor requires cooperation. There is no red or blue, conservative or liberal when it comes to survival, decency, truth, ethics and morality. What we face is unconscionable treatment by those who have become monsters by greed and the fear of being caught in their ongoing crimes against all humanity and nature. Well, they are caught, and this time the whole world knows it. They have lost all credibility. They are no longer seen as intelligent leaders or representatives. They are seen for what they are; immoral, lying and vicious criminals who will not hesitate to attempt democide and genocides to save themselves and their riches.

They believe they can change us with technology into cost-free slaves while eliminating most, especially senior citizens, but it won’t work, because for the first time in history, the whole world sees the one percent elites for what they are. Yep.

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