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Are You an Upgraded Smart Human?

Are You an Upgraded Smart Human?

The world's people have come under the jurisdiction of academic/expertise subordination — a submission to technological, screen induced group think and group will. Humans are being systematically transformed from once cultural nations and traditions into a one-world subordinated group. No one wants this. All people are attached to their nationalities, traditions, religions, and heritage. No one wants to be culturally cloned into a government funded academic invention. No one wants to lose their identity, opinions, creativity, individuality, and intellect to become a technical cog in a utilitarian wheel that force-spins billionaire profits…or not.

No one wants to be controlled by technological prisons invented to trap the identities, opinions, creativity, health, and thinking of the human masses. The invention of such technologies demonstrates the pathological paranoia of those who view their fellow men and women as lesser and servile beings. In truth, there are those who do believe in grades and degrees of humanity, a submission of humanity unto themselves so to speak, and who believe that in order to secure their rank and file they must decree a subordination-based system of governance using technologies that were, in fact, created to subordinate humankind. The problem is no one wants to deal with it. They need to check their phones which, sorry to say, are intended interface addiction devices.

It is the same refusal to see the geoengineered trails in the sky, day after day, year after year. You see them, but you don’t. However, the facts remain that spying telephones are nothing compared to what you are breathing, eating, drinking, and what is entering your skin, eyes, ears, and lungs twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, metalizing humanity whereby making humans more conductive and far more susceptible to electronic addiction and electronic control. We are becoming one with our devices as planned. And as planned, we are losing the ability to think independently of the devices in which we are all addicted. Don’t believe me? Turn off your phones, tablets, and computers. How do you feel? Take all devices from your kids. How do they feel?

Human populations today are clinical tests generations. They/we have become very sick with pulmonary problems all developing epidemically at the same time, such as COPD, asthma, allergies, and lung cancer (all blamed on cigarette smoking, which was the scapegoat/cover story for the 50-year disease causing aerial spraying), nutrition depletion, liver and kidney failures, cancers, and brain disorders. So, tell me, what have your billionaire/trillioniaire transnational pharmaceutical corporations done for you lately? What has your nationalized healthcare system done for your medical conditions? Your great-grandparents were 10,000 times healthier than you are today--fact.

The “We” of the world have decided that the “Us” of the world are to be experimented upon until they create and finalize unemotional, controllable, and wage-free slaves, which is the end-game. Since this cannot be accomplished with biological humans, we are being altered by nano-particulate metals in the air, additives in water, by the genetic modification and chemical additives in food, by enforced vaccine and pharmaceutical cocktails, by mixing human genes with the genes of other species, and by our eager willingness to use sterilizing “health” foods and drugs. We are the disposable generations, advancing science and technology at breakneck speed, and we don’t care. We have Smart Phones, “social” media, whereby self-reporting our physical and psychological conditions, and equally reporting to the world our stupidity and our knowledge regarding all the above.  The vast majority has become dull and disinterested in anything minus their device addictions. The ones who know are often older and sick. Though it is true that some people are waking up to the truth of today’s reality, they, too, experience minimal and very fragmented attention spans largely due to their electronic devices, which have resulted in the scientific and technological takeover of human experience and existence. It is killing us, but we call it and believe it to be good.

As long as you have your Smart Phones and appliances, tablets, computers, tell-a-visions, and your electrical conductivity, you pretend life is normal even though “life” is not yours at all. You are simply extensions of the devices you carry; the devices that make you feel…connected. The “We” couldn’t be more pleased. Make sure to buy your next generation devices so that you, too, are upgraded. Continue to breathe deeply so that connectivity is triggered and enhanced by your devices, and take any and all recommended/enforced drugs so that your clinical trial death will be quickened and painless.

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