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The American People: Our Indivisible Freedom

The American People: Our Indivisible Freedom


We all know something is wrong. Everyone feels and senses the impending. Rich and poor, all races, all ages, men and women, even nature; we are groaning beneath a soulful weight of an altered and darkening horizon, and all instincts are awakening as history proclaims they must. Powers have worked decades to masterfully create chasms and divides between us. Disrespecting generation gaps, gender wars, left vs. right, parents vs. schools, races vs. races, cultures vs. cultures, age vs. youth, the employed vs. the unemployed, wealth vs. poverty, the powerful vs. the vulnerable, even neighbor vs. neighbor; so many lines in the sand that have been dug into canyons where no listens to anyone on either side. Only the divide exists, the hollow space filled with jumbled two-sided angers and volatile confusions of every make and measure. What are we awaiting? What has gone wrong in such a beautiful land? Who should we believe, and what should we believe? Why has everything become so terribly surreal and unfamiliar? To where are we being led, and why?

The easiest answer is that we are in the midst of another political coup, the same as recognized in all periods and cultures in history. There is nothing new under the sun. What is different this time are the technological aspects of the usurpation; the spying, the automated banking systems, the automated power grids and widespread screen addictions, coupled with a nation of people who do not know how to survive without stores or push-button climate controls or cell phones. Knowing as much, everyone is afraid, and collective confusion is building. However, American people, now is our opportunity. The time for our awakened rationality has arrived.

As Americans, we all want to be happy, secure, and equal. We want peaceful and happy lives for ourselves and our children. We want to be who we were born to be as individuals, strengthened by our individual beliefs, and we want peace and friendship with our neighbors, all of our neighbors. We want to achieve equality and fair playing fields, and we want to shine in our individual talents. We want our families to have good lives. We want happy and healthy children. We want to lovingly and properly care for elders and to honor their lives and sacrifices. We want security, safety, and to experience life with integrity. Every person on both sides of the canyon wants the same things, believes in the same things, and desires to love life.

Political power grabs are the unending games of the rich and bored. They do what they have done throughout human history as a game of theft, temptation, and arrogance. Today’s global elite, with their central fractional and technological banking and accounting schemes, their buying of military forces, and their grant-based worldwide spider web of stakeholders and partners in crimes are nothing new. We, however, as American people with ancestries from every conceivable country in the world are new, and we are different. We see ourselves differently because we value individualism, exceptionalism, freedom of person and mind, and we value the pursuit of happiness. We appreciate uniqueness, artistic achievement, hard work, love, nature, and intelligence-based education. We, the American people, are open-minded even in our differences when not tampered with by propaganda, and we are the most accepting people in the world. We do not want war. We do not want the fruits of our labors stolen by minimum wages and over-taxation. We do not want to work 70 hours a week with three part-time jobs to find ourselves poor, exhausted, miserable, and sick. We want to regain our health, which has been devastated by bad food and organ damaging drugs. We want our children’s and our elders’ brains to stop melting and scrambling in epidemic numbers, and we want nature’s weather restored, not modified, geoengineered weather. We want our safety and health restored.

We are not a divisible people. We are Americans. We are not Belgians or other Europeans or Africans or Asians or Mid-Easterners or Israelis or any other country of our global ancestries. We are Americans. We are not corporate globalist elites. We are Americans. We are not global corporate labor forces. We are Americans. We are not laboratory creatures to be drugged, technologically altered and controlled, chemically sterilized, or eugenically eliminated for the great good of corporate profits and governmental tyrants. We are American people who want to live decent lives. We want to pursue happiness on our own terms and without governmental or scientific handlers. We do not want systemic poverty enforced upon black people in the United States. We want equality because we are Americans who all share Dr. King’s dream and beliefs.

Hear me well, Americans. We have a united desire for peace, safety, and individualism. We are who we are, and we have a universal birthright to our selves, to individual uniqueness and individual thoughts, beliefs, opinions and dreams for our lives and how we choose to live them. We are not creatures to be ruled, fed and watered, experimented upon, or killed off by political whims or fears. We are American people, and we can live however we choose to live.

We are not subjects to elites, governments, governors, or cabals. We are a united people, united by our desires to live well and as we choose. We need no one’s permission. We govern ourselves, our country, and our representatives. We are not subjects to anyone or any government, nor will we ever be. We are the government, and any entities who say otherwise are liars, criminal usurpers, and terribly naive. The experiment of secretly intertwining international laws with constitutional law by using appointed regional council hocus pocus is failing, because the American people do not like such illegalities nor the results. We are not governance subjects, and no power on earth is going to turn us into political power worshipers, even when that power is falsely titled “nature”.

What we all share as American people is a right to personal freedom. We want to be individualists who can believe anything we choose to believe, and to co-exist with neighbors, with a rainbow of customs and cultures, and to enjoy such friendships. No one had to tell us to embrace multiculturalism. We are the most multi-culturally intermixed people in the world. We are Americans. Should the borders be open? Yes, as long as peace keepers come searching for a better life, yes. All are welcome here, because that is the American way, but if usurpers come to destroy the constitutional government, including the rights of the people and their responsibility and duty to govern representatives, this is a bad place for you to be. If you come to rule or attack the American people, you are making a dreadful mistake, because we are Americans, and freedom we know, choose, and have a God-given and legal right to express and defend. If you come to tell us we must enrich corporations and become their wage slaves, you have another thing coming. If you come to systemically rob the American people, God help you. We are indivisible when it comes to freedom, and your enforcements are over. We are indivisible when it comes to our lives, and we will not fire the first shot. But if you push too far, create an unholy catastrophe on our land, or otherwise cause any suspect crisis that threatens this nation of good people, we will respond indivisibly. We are American people of every color, creed, heart, and mind. United we stand, and we will not fall or crawl before governments, leaders, killers, tyrants, liars, and thieves. Words of advice: Back off.

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