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Addicted To, Enslaved, and Controlled by Money

Addicted To, Enslaved, and Controlled by Money

Since the human invention of money, inequality and classism, inhumane poverty and unthinkable wealth, suffering and grandiosity, human power and powerlessness has plagued every culture in every century in the world. The brainstorm of putting a price on all human needs and inventions has caused most people on earth, past and present, to live badly and at the whims of those with the most money who were not only able to invent “stuff” for sale, but also to decide on how spending money would further enrich the inventors. Fast-forwarding to 2013, it is ever so evident that we are wholly addicted to money, to payday, to paying our wages to others the day wages technologically arrive into banks; to then shopping for food, gasoline, and cheap entertainments and trinkets, and to burrowing in while waiting for the next payday to repeat the cycle over and over again throughout our lives.

We tell ourselves this is normal; that there are no alternatives as laboring for wages is the way it has always been done in the past. Money, in other words, rules and consumes the entire lifetimes of human beings…end of story. Money in, money out, wait for more money, money out, wait for more money…until death do we part from this brutal cycle of existence. On that note, I can only say that life is dollar cheap in so many manipulations.

Every time I drive by a million dollar home with a three-car garage, a large new barn for boats and tractors and RVs, a sparkling swimming pool and professionally landscaped yard, I wonder what work is performed to earn enough money to live extravagantly as compared with those who live in 40-year-old, two bedroom, one bath ranch houses or 80-year-old, two-story city houses with 25-year-old aluminum siding and sagging front porches. I wonder why there are so few with so much compared to most with profoundly less of everything, even food.

I have come to realize that the rich are as enslaved to their riches as the poor are to meager livings or even welfare entitlements. Human beings, no matter their economic and social castes, are enslaved to and controlled by money, which necessarily places those with the most money in power over most, because money-based economics requires slavery to ensure the wealth of the few. One person’s labor is actually of no more value than any other person’s labor, but the labor of many is worth far more than the labor of one. Money used to create riches, by its invention, necessitates slavery, inequality, classism, suffering, and power brokering. Money is the instrument of theft of the many by the few. Equally, money based on economic slavery created the central banking cartels, which are theft-based mathematical formulas and technologies, and pathological corporate greed to such a degree that human beings, today, are disposable human resources, much like spent oil or dirty water. Historically, when too many people become poor to the point of sickness and/or rebellion, they also become risks and expenses to the rich. They become red ink, losses, and detriments to safety and profit. Historically, too many poor people lead to democide.

The entire global economic system, which is, in fact, a whole globe system, is inhumane, immoral, and it corrupts rich people. Centralized wealth and power was historically dangerous and murderous, and it is presently dangerous and murderous. Most of today’s richest corporations crank out magnificent “stuff” using factories full of the lowest paid wage earners, many of which trafficked women and child laborers. They move their operations from nation to nation in search of the cheapest labor forces, many working human resources 16 hours per day and more, paying one or two dollars a day in wages, offering no benefits to workers, and with owners, board members and investors in such corporations rich beyond what is even possible to imagine; so rich, in fact, that such wealth buys governmental representation and laws in their favor and against the favor of their massive labor forces, their slaves.

Rich and poor, we are all addicted to, enslaved and controlled by money. The rich obviously do not want actual system changes. With their purchased political powers, they make fixes and tweaks in their system from time to time to ensure the continuance of the theft of their human laborers, but their inhumanity and immorality is globally recognized, and ongoing inequality has simply become too obvious in today’s interconnected and technological world. Profit-based economics, which has had control over humanity since the invention of money, has to stop before the entire world implodes and corporations completely destroy biological nature. Enrichment based on slavery has to stop.

Life is not about the continuity of billionaires or enslavement to their extravagant pathologies that are also and rapidly destroying all of nature. Though the richest people in the world keep insisting upon “wealth redistribution”, what they command is more and more of your labors being lesser and lesser paid, while more and more taxes are imposed upon you to repair the global damage of their massive corporate operations. Equally, the less a person earns, the more enslaved they become to exploitation. This is called slavery, and it has to stop.

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