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Education-based Bureaucratic Bullying Has Failed: Time to Return to Real Experts

Education-based Bureaucratic Bullying Has Failed: Time to Return to Real Experts


Nowhere can the proof of total failure by governing bureaucrats be better understood than in the public education system. From enforced Outcome-based Education to No Child Left Behind to today’s Common Core social engineering, the taking of educational expertise from the hands of educators has left the U.S. public school system and decades of its students in total shambles.

Never in U.S. history have there been record numbers of high school drop outs, failing grades, and students who run, not walk, to gang memberships and lifestyles. Schools have failed beyond comprehension because schools were forced to fail by federal interventions that were and are cruelly absurd and profoundly moronic. The federalizing of state schools destroyed education in the United States. Today the first two years in colleges and universities are spent trying to get students up to 11th and 12th grade speed as most students graduate from high schools with 7th to 10th grade reading, science and mathematical skills, and with most performing abysmally on standardized tests and the SAT and ACT. What is unconscionable is that this failure was planned by the federal government. The rabble was purposefully dis-educated.

Teachers, who have always been underpaid in the United States, were underpaid for a reason. It has been known and planned for decades to phase out educators in order to phase in governmentally controlled technology-based education. Talented teachers always taught students how to think for themselves. Software teaches students what to think, and there is a profound difference between the two. Good teachers inspire creative thought and creative invention and interpretation. Software socially engineers brains by force-limiting them to follow orders, to be compliant with and worshipful of “superiors”, and to make students grateful for communal wage slavery.

Today’s higher education students are still children at age 25, are screen- and game-addicted, and most cannot afford to buy automobiles or homes. Many never read or write at the college level, and many, many American students are a decade or more behind most Asian students.

Teachers in the U.S. are leaving the field in epidemic numbers because they have become technology facilitators and government program indoctrinators, and they know it. They know the damage that is caused to students, and they know full well that the very best option for students who cannot afford elite private schools is homeschooling. However, homeschooling is on the government’s chopping block. Guaranteed, it is only a matter of time before homeschooling will be illegal. Consider the following countries that have explicitly forbidden homeschooling in their national laws with no exceptions:

• Albania
• Andorra
• Armenia
• Azerbaijan
• Belarus
• Bosnia and Herz
• Brazil
• Croatia
• Cuba
• Cyprus
• El Salvador
• Georgia
• Greece
• Greenland
• Guatemala
• Kazakhstan
• Latvia
• Liechtenstein
• Lithuania
• Macedonia
• Malta
• Moldova
• Montenegro
• San Marino
• Serbia
• Slovakia
• Trinidad and Tobago
• Turkey

The following countries allow very limited homeschooling, with severe restrictions:

• Bulgaria (illegal except for children with special needs, and then under strict government control)
• Estonia (allowed in “exceptional cases”)
• Germany (the only exception being where continued school attendance would create undue hardship for an individual child)
• Iceland (only if the homeschooling parents have teaching certificates)
• Luxembourg (legal only for primary school age)
• Netherlands (only legal if parents cannot find a school fitting their beliefs in their area)
• Romania (only when children are disabled or have special needs, and then under the supervision of an accredited teacher)
• Slovak Republic (only by an accredited tutor and only to grade 4)
• Sweden (illegal except under exceptional circumstances but these are virtually never approved; the government has threatened, fined and removed children from homeschooling parents)

The following countries have declared that homeschooling is legal, at least temporarily. There may be severe oversights and restrictions:

• Australia
• Austria (instruction must be equal to that of the state school)
• Belgium (with testing at 8, 10, 12 and 14)
• Canada (each province and territory has its own policies, with varying levels of regulation)
• Colombia (regulated by Ministry of Education, students must pass tests to be admitted to college)
• Czech Republic (currently allowed with restrictions as part of an experiment, up to 9th grade)
• Denmark
• Finland (written and oral examinations to check on progress are mandatory)
• France (with mandatory inspections)
• Honduras
• Hungary (every homeschooled child must be supervised by an authorized school and pass annual exams)
• India
• Indonesia
• Ireland
• Italy
• Kenya (though homeschooling is now in jeopardy)
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Peru (prior registration with the Ministerio de Educación is required)
• Poland (must be supervised by an authorized school and pass annual exams)
• Portugal
• Russia (students are attached to local schools and must pass periodic appraisals of their work)
• Slovenia (students must “enroll” in local schools and pass annual tests in various subjects)
• South Africa (though many parents do not register because of legalities)
• Surinam
• Switzerland (legal in most but not all cantons, some are quite restrictive)
• Taiwan
• Ukraine
• United Kingdom
• United States (various restrictions and regulations apply, varying by state)

Some countries do not address homeschooling at all in their laws or have very ambiguous laws. Some examples of these are:

• Japan (there are ambiguous laws, though more and more students are not in school)
• Monaco (no known laws)
• Spain (legal according to the constitution but illegal according to education law, currently considered illegal)
• Ukraine (the law seems to support homeschooling but it is often disputed by local authorities)

Other countries have made homeschooling technically illegal but they do not typically prosecute. Examples of these are:

• China (homeschooling is illegal for national citizens but schools are not always free and the large numbers of migrant workers mean that school attendance is almost never checked)
• Hong Kong (it is officially illegal but the government does not typically issue a school attendance order)

As one can clearly see, the push to end homeschooling is also an “international/global” initiative. Thanks to for this information.

Today in the United States, Amish children with their 8th grade educations are far, far more educated than American public school students, and most of today’s top paying jobs require advanced math, science, and language arts skills; all purposefully denied to American school students and two-year college students. Equally, many teachers being paralyzed by their unions, their crappy paychecks, and their dire need for jobs comply with the governmental damages inflicted upon their students.

Another little known fact about the federal interference in public education is that many U.S. charter schools are now bought up and owned by foreign investors or corporations seeking to train children into specific worker models. This is NOT education. This is slavery abuse; yes, slavery abuse of minds and of future potential where obedience is the primary lesson learned.

Sadly, education is only one sector of the federal government’s intervention into people’s lives, minds and potential, but it is certainly one of the easiest witnessed sources of their destruction. Let it be known and comprehended that the federal government is decades into ultimate plans for total control and destruction of independent human beings. Let us pray you and your children and grandchildren are not too damaged to see the misspelled writing on the wall. Let us also pray that ALL teachers in the United States will stand up and refuse to further damage American students, including their mandate to send as many as possible into the pharmaceutical pipelines.

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