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Nuclear War: How Americans will succumb to totalitarian global government

Nuclear War: How Americans will succumb to totalitarian global government

I remember atomic bomb drills in elementary school, being told to get under desks and to cover our heads with our arms. I also remember classes being taken to the school’s basement, being told to sit against hallway walls and, again, to cover our heads. In truth, we had no idea what we were doing or why. We didn’t know what “atomic” meant; I, for one, had no knowledge of bombs. Today, at 60-years-old, I cannot remember a time without bombs, tanks, guns, and the bloodshed that drives history, economics, geopolitics, media, entertainment, and the future—a future subsidized by and zealous for nuclear war.

The nuclear war theater, which is about globalism and who wins to rule the world, is composed of four primary players: Russia, China, the United States, and North Korea—in my opinion. The reason I do not include the Mid-East is because three of the four could take out the Mid-East at any time, which the Mid-East knows—Israel included—though the Mid-East remains a wildcard and wild hair for Russia, China, and the United States. North Korea, however, is of particular interest because it is ignored in the great scheme of global events, which is strange, indeed, as a continual and heinous violator of human and civil rights, led by a violent dictator with nuclear arms and a massive military, and as a constant threat to South Korea, an American partner. North Korea is also backed by China who is sort of/kind of backed by Russia. Just why Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, and other nations are more politically important than North Korea is interesting to say the least.

America, the world’s most despised nation, will eventually be militarily targeted by foreign nations. We target ourselves internally as conservatives are now domestic terrorists according to globalists on both sides of the aisle. Anything that reeks of Americanism is today demonized and punished. Christians, republicans, heterosexuals, married people, law abiding citizens, home/property owners, gardeners, farmers, homeschoolers, and all gun owners-- even designated children in schools--are today demonized and punished as typical and normal Americans. But that is not all.

Immigrants are being abused and used by the globalist system as low-wage workers and privatized prison slaves. Immigrants are filling camps, which we were told would occur when FEMA and other military camps could no longer hide as conspiracy theories. Little did we know the camps would be filled with immigrant children.

College and university students are wholly indebted to the government, with interest, for the next 20+ years; students who are profoundly under-educated, and with chances for higher-paying jobs next to nil, while their debt to income ratio disqualifies them from home ownership, most rents, and automobile loans. Many college graduates are working two or three jobs and still cannot afford to rent apartments, pay Obamacare and car insurance, necessarily skyrocketing utilities, food, and gasoline costs; all of which impossible minus 50K+ annual incomes while most are earning 15-25K.

Black people in the United States continue to be the most devastated populations, just as in Africa, with miserable public educations, a systemic welfare trap, living in a nation in denial of blatant racism and fear of Black people, and a system that routinely imprisons them as slave laborers as a systemic tradition of racist elites.

Once retired, senior citizens are mandated to be drug-sickened when they no longer produce taxes for the government. Today they are pipelined to pharmaceutical handlers, reverse mortgage nursing homes, mandated to court-ordered guardianships, and finally drugged to rapid dementia and death while younger people are taught to resent the elderly due to Social Security, a government ordered system. The fact that seniors worked entire lifetimes with Social Security deductions forcibly withdrawn from their paychecks, by a command of government, is not taught. Resentment against the elderly is governmentally cultivated as is assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Public school children, ranked and data based by the New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health, Outcome-Based Education, No Child Left Behind, and now Common Core are divided by neighborhoods, income levels, races, and belief systems. The poor and children of color are normally targeted for drug, military, welfare, or prison slavery. Conservative children are used to demonize and punish conservative parents. Rich children win awards, make sports teams and top grades, and win scholarships to top universities, often tuition-free. As such, most Americans are demonized and punished populations by government insistence—minus the rich.

Most Americans, however, realize what is wrong in their nation(s). An abusing government is never hidden from its victims, and Americans, like most people in the globalizing world, realize that something horrible is rapidly advancing. This is where war comes into play, historically and presently. In fact, the entire world outside of the global elite is rebelling. As such and more than ever before, a common “enemy” is desired and intended by the global wrecking ballers, and that enemy is nuclear in nature.

The central banking/corporate governance-based system is itself divided ideologically between the Anglo-European and Asian globalists. Both want their version of capitalistic communism, which gives all power and wealth to corporate and banking governance dictators, but neither wants to be under the power or policies of the other. The Anglo-Europeans want to rule, as they have for centuries, and the Asians want to rule according to their communistic traditions and cultural means of control. East hates West and West hates East are ongoing ideological wars of ego, history, and culture. Elites on both sides want to rule the world.

Russia, in my opinion, is a lesser player between China and the U.S., but is politically linked to China with both having adopted communism or total control of the state by the state. However, Russia has more cultural commonality with Anglo-Europeans than with Asians, which is undeniably recognized by the Chinese. Whether China maintains a long term partnership with Russia is doubtful. The U.S., which today is far more communistic than Republic or democratic, is ultimately an enemy of China even though American consumers were forced to enriched China to its near-leadership status in global economics. With a temporary partnership with Russia, that leadership is all but guaranteed, but once that partnership is no longer needed to overtake U.S-European economic dominance, Russia could just as easily be discarded or overtaken by China.

North Korea, however, is a unique and disturbing wildcard in the world of global geopolitical power wrangling. North Korea is 1) a nuclear power, 2) a formidable military power, 3) they hate the United States and South Korea, 4) is backed by China, and 5) has evolved from the former Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il and his son, today’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, both of which pathologically brutal, repressive, and militaristic dictators on equal footing with dictators such as Hitler and Stalin. North Korea is a dangerous nation, and its human rights abuses and military threats are completely ignored, including ongoing threats to the United States. The question is why North Korea is ignored, where bizarre interference and attention to Ukraine, for example, is front page news.

I suggest that Russia, China’s new partner, is being demonized while the actual formidable enemy, China, keeps upping its nuclear military capability, and North Korea, working in tandem with China’s current military aggression toward multiple Pacific Rim nations, waits for their opening (or marching orders from China) to attack South Korea. Should such an event transpire, there is only one option for the United States—a nuclear option—which will, in turn, open the door for a likely retaliatory strike by China on U.S. military targets, such as the American West Coast, Hawaii, and East Coast government and military installations.

Should such a nightmare ensue, and should tens of millions of Americans die in such retaliatory strikes, I suggest that Americans will beg for the global power structures to save them (NATO and the UN), exactly like Kissinger said they would do.

The nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, satellites, and ground-based systems of Russia, China, the U.S., the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Pakistan, India, Iran, North Korea, and possibly Syria are set in place and ready. The geopolitical climate threatening to use them is showing off their gear to the whole world. This is what we know. Imagine what we do not know.

It is clear that nuclear war is escalating as the super powers are upgrading their nuclear weapons coupled with militarizing all home fronts. As the world’s people continue to push back against the one-world economic totalitarianism that is destroying their lives and all semblances of privacy, and with both the Anglo-European and Asian systems intending to rule the world, America will not escape this ideological war. The U.S. may in fact plan it as the only means to terrorize the hearts and minds of Americans to accept if not beg for global “order”. Since WWI and WWII were planned under the same economic conditions and by the same playbook, I cannot think of another reason for what we are currently experiencing in the U.S., and having lived under a constant barrage of “terrorism” in which we have become wholly desensitized, the only shake up significant enough to have us begging for global control is a nuclear strike on the United States.

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