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Top 10 Threats to Life on Earth

Top 10 Threats to Life on Earth

Ranked and in order as I see it:

1.      Billionaires and trillionaires

2.      Government/Corporate/MIC-funded science

3.      Philanthropically funded science

4.      Geoengineering

5.      GMOs

6.      Wars and black markets

7.      International laws, treaties, and resulting corporate privatization

8.      Technocracy

9.      BIS/global central banking

10.  IMF/debt-based nations

It was difficult to rank this list, but all items were funded and implemented by the top three, which is why they became 1, 2, and 3 on the list.

Following last week’s radio broadcast, and for several weeks prior, the absolute facts of America and Europe’s creation of all the above left me sickened. For centuries the world has explained in no uncertain terms the deviancy of the neocon imperial system, and for centuries American and European people have ignored all such explanations. Was our “patriotism” so well propagandized and ingrained that we were simply incapable of seeing, reading, witnessing, and comprehending all blatant and historical facts? Was our soldier and war worship so absolute that even atomic/nuclear weapons made us cheer for the obliteration of entire cities? How did all biological life become acceptable as losses to Americans and Europeans?

The entire world is ignoring the mass-extinction of wildlife: fishes, birds, insects, plankton, large and small mammals, plants, and trees. Instead, humanity worries about money and smart phones while shunning the failure of all biological life systems on earth. Life is dying off, and humanity turns a blind eye.

You and I did not cause the current mass extinction events. Numbers 1 through 10 on the list, however, did and continues to do so. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 intend to depopulate humanity to its largest extent, hoping to do so before all biological life become “unsustainable” on earth; hence, their ongoing experimentation with new viruses and manufactured diseases targeting genotypes and ethnicities; hence, the legislated collection of human DNA for the express purpose of such experimentation. Why don’t we get it? Why the suicidal refusal?

While the newest enemy-terrorists are shoved down our throats and intellects, we continue to absorb the propaganda and ignore blatant facts. What has happened to the health of seniors is nothing shy of genocide. What has happened to the mental/cerebral health of children is nothing shy of deliberate poisoning and forthcoming sterilization. What has happened to human sobriety is nothing shy of perpetrated poisoning via black market and pharmaceutical drugs, with prescribed pharmaceuticals outweighing illegal drug addictions 500,000 times to 1. What has happened to the food supply and chain is wholly and obviously deliberate, yet we focus all attention on money and smart phones. We bitch and moan, but nearly no one lifts a finger even amidst human mass executions such as the genocide of the elderly in the U.S. and Europe, the genocides in Palestine, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, East Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Eastern Burma, Eastern Chad, Central African Republic, etc., and the genocide of all earthly wildlife, flora and fauna. Have you lifted a finger?

I do not think average people are actually worried about money or poverty, not with temporary “welfare”, knowing they are on the fast track to the grave. Most continue to ignore their failing health, their poisoned food, water, and drugs, and their radiating entertainment devices. Perhaps we are all too sick to care and simply await the cancers and brain death that eldership and the CDC guarantee.

Today nearly one-third of the U.S. population has been diagnosed as mentally ill. History repeatedly tells us that mentally ill people are sterilized, and pharmaceutical drugs, nano-particulates, and genetic engineering of water, food, and drugs will best serve this purpose, much as has been accomplished in wildlife, which today also fails to thrive and reproduce; yet, drugs you continue to take. GMOs you buy and eat, and your smart phones never leave your hands and pockets while they radiate your reproductive organs and brains. Constant contact is the perpetrated avoidance priority. Death is, after all, imminent and poverty isn’t really real except in Africa. We’ve got welfare with phones. We lift fingers to text. However, observing global genocide without lifting a finger is, sorry to say, insane. What a craftily planned scenario by numbers 1, 2, and 3.

It is interesting that we worry so about immigrants and borders when none exist during a genocide or even matter. Free medical care = free poisons. There are no jobs for immigrants to take, and employment is inconsequential during human culling. Where immigrants are located does not matter. They, too, will die off. But there is one thing to consider. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 do not intend to be targeted and blamed as murderers. They decided humans would fight each other and be blamed for their demise; hence, organized border swarming, remembering that Americans historically hate all immigrants when they first arrive. Organizing a swarming of the southern border with gang members and cartel associates guarantees fights, death, crimes, hatreds, etc. Hence, we will all be blamed, and 1, 2, and 3 will skate off with the money and power as history dictates. We will gladly create the chaos they planned. The scenario currently plays out in nearly every nation in the world due to international laws and treaties, yet we never make the connections. We are all going to die off in mass numbers, and from where you originate or where you live is of no consequence, which brings me to the subject of geoengineering; the kingpin of genocide.

Numbers 1, 2, and 3, and beginning in the early twentieth century, decided to “engineer” all earth systems; all hydrological cycles, all storm systems, the entire atmosphere of the earth, and all terrestrial plant and animal life. Humanity has steadfastly refused to believe this because 1, 2, and 3 claimed and continue to claim innocence. They pathologically lie, which is known, but pathological ignorance remains blissful to most with smart avoidance toys. The ignorant are chronic elite worshippers (upper middle class voters) and, sadly, often the “educated” masses or pseudo community-level elites who believe they are more intelligent than commoners. To them, “chemtrails” are “conspiracy theories”. Chemtrails, wholly visible daily and globally, are skies being geoengineered, the proper terminology. Humanity and all of nature is sprayed, daily and globally, with aluminum (the known cause of Alzheimer’s disease), barium, strontium, genetically engineered bacterial nano-particulates, sulfates and sulfuric acid, and unknown mystery substances. The aerial spraying campaigns have been ongoing since the 1960-70s, and since that time Alzheimer’s, autism, epidemic kidney and liver failures, Morgellon’s, epidemic asthma and pulmonary disorders, and epidemic cancers began and continue to escalate. This is the actual cause of the lung cancer epidemic which began in the 1970s, not cigarettes, which humankind has been smoking in multiple forms for all of documented human history. Cigarettes are the cover story for 1, 2, and 3’s geoengineering genocide. God only knows what other substances, pharmaceuticals, diseases, etc. are sprayed. Add to this the ignored radiation contamination of 2,500+ nuclear tests and nuclear accidents experienced since the 1940’s; all of which genocides, period.

The treats to life on earth are ignored. It is sickening in the most sincere and real sense of the word. I hope you are happy with your phones for which you lift your fingers.

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