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Govern America | June 10, 2017 | Hologram Economy

Hologram economy - finger print scanner 


Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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Former FBI director, James Comey, testifies before Congress. We dissect the testimony and address the revelations. CNN Fake News gets it wrong again. President Trump pulls the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord... or does he? U.S. Conference of Mayors formulating international policy on their own. The Aspen Trans-Atlantic Mayors Summit, "Smart Growth Problems of Urban Development in the 21st Century". More Terrorist attacks in London, and threats in the United States. We have the outcome of the UK election. Prime Minister Theresa May pushes the police state lockdown of the Internet worldwide. We have her chilling words about eliminating "safe spaces" and forcing people to live in unity. Another NSA contractor arrested for leaking. How much of the Intercept story can we believe? Also, vending machines that know your thumbprints, name, and diet. We delve into the plight of Professor Bret Weinstein, professor at Evergreen College in Olympia Washington, who is being targeted by a rabid mob of student protesters. We explain why this situation is worse than most people realize, and why it has ramifications for the entire country. Phone calls throughout the show.


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Congressional hearing, DHS Secretary John Kelly testifying. June 6, 2017, Homeland Security Budget Fiscal Year 2018 – Russian Hacking and funding for VIPR (viper) teams

VIPR - Visible Intermodal Prevention & Response Teams  (intermodal refers to transportation hubs – airports, ports, bus terminals, bike stands – any two forms of transportation coming together)
VIPR – Authorization
TSA Programs – VIPR Teams
Disposition Matrix (CIA – John Brennan)
John Brennan's Kill List
First Transatlantic Summit of Mayors in 2000 - U.S. Conference of Mayors – telling them they need to have their own foreign policy   (This link has the article I talked about. I don’t know if the links work anymore but I’m sure they can be recovered. —Vicky)




CNN “Fake News” Gets It Wrong Again: Tweets “Comey will dispute President Trump’s blanket claim that he was told he wasn’t under investigation”

James Comey Prepared Testimony

Former FBI Director James Comey

James Comey Set for $10 MILLION Book Deal


Trump's Paris Climate Announcement: You've Been Played Again!

The Trojan Elephant from Paris That No One Wants to Address

Paris Climate Accord




Theresa May Press Conference

Britain ‘Warned in January’ by FBI Manchester Bomber Was Planning Attack on UK

UK police name third London attacker, Italy says was flagged in advance

Theresa May loses conservative seats in UK election

Pollsters Survey What’s Wrong With the Polls




Federal Government Contractor in Georgia Charged With Removing and Mailing Classified Materials to a News Outlet

Accused Leaker of Top-Secret U.S. Report Loses Bail Request

Top-Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election

Sara Winners (Reality Winner’s Twitter Account)

Fox News: Terror Suspects Arrested in NYC, Michigan for Scoping Out Airports

Notre Dame attacker shouted 'this is for Syria' before being shot




Joe Rogan Experience #970 - Bret Weinstein on chaos at Evergreen College, Olympia Washington

Fear at Evergreen causes some faculty to hold classes off campus

With Confederate flags gone, Civil War museum will close

Tucker Carlson Gets Personal with Black Lives Matter Supporter: ‘You’re Demented!’



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