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Govern America | September 10, 2022 | Ostrich Realists

Charles is finally crowned king. 


Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Why worship the royals? The corruption of Charles, the "sustainable" king, and the palace at large. The War on Terror turns inward. As many as fifty patriots/conservatives raided and targeted by Biden administration this week alone, as administration is on a totalitarian rampage; Bannon indictment is latest in Trump orbit. John Podesta returns to the White House as Gina McCarthy leaves. Germany starts to worry about energy supplies as all of Europe stares down a long and miserable winter. Electric car batteries are a ticking time bomb. The fight over Idaho water rights. Bill Gates breeding diseased mosquitoes to release in the wild. U.S. proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine. More on the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and its setting up by the FBI. Meanwhile, Ukraine war is compromising U.S. battle readiness, depleting weapons supplies, and more.



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Show Notes

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Article by Strobe Talbott, 1992:
America Abroad: Birth of a Global Nation

Tim Wirth, One man wrecking ball for the world

Rocky Mountain Heist - Colorado




Queen Elizabeth II dies; Charles becomes the new King

The WEF King ascends to the British throne

Pedo Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles were Buds

Royal Family Forced ABC to Spike Epstein Story

Coincidence or conspiracy? Queen Elizabeth and Jeffrey Epstein Vacation at the Same Log Cabin


Las Vegas journalist Jeff German brutally murdered by stabbing outside his home

Stephen K. Bannon to Charlie Kirk: Thirty-five Trump allies have been raided by FBI and face assassinations

Harmeet Dhillon on Biden administration targeting political opponents; this week's number may have been as high as fifty -Tucker Carlson Tonight, September 9, 2022




Climate chief Gina McCarthy leaving White House as John Podesta returns

‘Without energy, no economy can run’ – German companies warn of disaster as electricity and gas tap are ‘turned off’

PGE, Pacific Power begin shutting off power in Oregon communities as winds worsen fire danger

Millions Of Electric Car Batteries Retiring By 2030, Are We Ready To Deal With What Could Be Ticking Time Bombs?

Bill Gates’ Colombian Mosquito Factory Breeding 30 Million Bacteria-Infected Mosquitos Per Week

Idaho ranchers, Legislature seek to intervene in state-federal water rights fight

Biden’s Pentagon Makes Shameful Suggestion to Troops Struggling to Feed Their Families





D.C. mayor declares public emergency over migrants arriving on buses

These Democratic Mayors Said Their Cities Were ‘Sanctuaries.’ Then The Migrants Showed Up

Illinois law will release those charged with second-degree murder without bail




U.S. in proxy war with Iran via Syria

The US Has Conducted 3 Consecutive Days Of Airstrikes In Syria

Ukrainian Parliament Votes to Give Themselves a Raise thanks to US Taxpayers – As Country Bans Free Speech and Targets ‘Information Terrorists’

German Foreign Minister Says Support For Ukraine Will Continue “No Matter What Voters Think”

Ukraine War Is Depleting U.S. Ammunition Stockpiles, Sparking Pentagon Concern

U.S. military left over $7 billion of military equipment to Taliban, IG report confirms

Ukraine: Ukrainian fighting tactics endanger civilians

The Atlantic Coucil: US strategic interests in Ukraine

10 years since Georgia attacked South Ossetia and Russia – not the other way around

Brookings Institute: How America can get big things done: A conversation with Will Hurd






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