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⚫ Govern America | May 4, 2024 | The Issue is Not the Issue




Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Communist agitators and their dialectics. House uniparty passes huge attack on the First Amendment. CNN makes election concessions.Registering convicts to vote. The many absurdities of the Trump “hush” trial. Mexican government meddles in rancher’s trial and is now suing him for killing illegal alien invader. House Judiciary Committee holds hearing on violent crime in Philadelphia. Climate “kids” lawsuit dismissed again. Victory against squatters in New York. More on the California bullet train boondoggle. Waters of the U.S. include a dry ditch. A warning about AI demand on the power grid, and more.



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On 26 November 1976, Willy Brandt is elected president of the Socialist International (SI). In his inaugural address, he announces three offensives of the SI for peace and disarmament, for new North-South relations and for human rights. Moreover, Brandt wants to liberate the International from its "eurocentrism" and make it open to partners from the "Third World."


It's difficult to encapsulate this topic of American disintegration into the Free Trade Area of the Americas, but this article I wrote originally in 2006 was one of the earliest tip offs that something very bad was happening. This includes a link to a debate of the candidates for governor of Minnesota. They talk about tax exempt zones for commerce. Minnesota was partnering with China.

Idaho S.1067, Uniform Interstate Family Support Act of 2008, incorporates provisions of the 2007 Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance. This provision in state law requires Idaho Judges to recognize court orders from the Hague.


Declaration of the Presidents of America
Meeting of the American Chiefs of State
Punta del Este, Uruguay
April 12-14, 1967

Strategy - Latin American Common Market - added Central America; La Paz treaty with Mexico - international zone on the border, Free Trade Agreements with Canada - bringing Mexico and Canada together with the NAFTA annex to the La Paz Treaty. Latin American Common Market and the NAFTA = Free Trade Area of the Americas.







CNN Discusses How Abortion May Impact the Presidential Election

CNN Legal Panel Admits Alvin Bragg Hasn't Delivered Much Evidence in Trump's "Hush Money" Trial

Trump’s ‘Hush Money’ Payment Isn’t Illegal In Itself—Here’s Why He’s Actually On Trial

Trump Prosecutor Pleads the Fifth Multiple Times at House Judiciary Select Subcommittee Hearing

Investigation: Biden Executive Order Focuses on Registering Convicts to Vote 



House Passes Antisemitism Hate Speech Bill Curbing Free Speech

Parts of the Bible Could Be Labeled 'Antisemitic' After Dangerous Bill Passes the House

Shocking Number of Anti-Israel Protesters at Columbia Weren't Students: Law Enforcement

UCLA Protest Spox: University Was Founded on Colonialism, it is an Inherently Violent Institution

Sharpton Triggers Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe by Comparing Campus Rioters to J6ers

Mexican Authorities Target Arizona Rancher Accused of Shooting Illegal Immigrant: Attorney

Venezuela’s State-Owned Airline Will Fly U.S.-Bound Migrants to Nicaragua

Second Recall Effort Against Assembly Speaker Robin “CCP” Vos Lauched After Wisconsin Elections Commission Tossed Thousands of Signatures – Election Integrity Warrior Rep. Janel Brandtjen Highlights Vos’ “Compromise With CCP Interests”

House Judiary Committee on Violent Crime in Philadelphia

Northern Border Patrol Sector Sets New Record In Migrant Encounters




Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Oregon Climate Case Brought by Kids — Again

Homeowners score victory against squatters in New York after landlord handcuffed in $1M home heist

California Bullet Train Boondoggle

States Embrace Climate Action Plans Under the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Government Regulation Hits Rural Landowner As Feds Claim Dry Ditch Is “Waters of US”

Larry Fink on AI Processing Demand on Power Grid







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