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⚫ Govern America | September 23, 2023 | Doctrines of Devils




Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Ray Epps' new misdemeanor charge indicates he is still being protected by the Establishment. DHS offering work permits and deportation protection to 470,000 communist Venezuelans. Democrat Sen. Robert Menendez and his wife are indicted over bribery schemes, but where are the bribery charges for the Biden crime family? Follow-up on Texas AG Ken Paxton, as he has been fully acquitted of all charges. ESG continues to implode, as a number of companies have walked back their efforts. Seattle City Council finally reverses course and makes public drug use illegal, paving the way for police to get the addicts off of sidewalks. Deep dive into the Michael O'Fallon lecture on Progressive Integralism, which connects a lot of dots pertaining to the globalist order agenda. While one would expect Christianity to fight the Order, many are actually assisting in its implementation. Through the Hegelian process, America is being irrepairably fragmented into atomized groups to simplify domination. Phone calls.



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Cult of the New World Order

Scroll down to the section titled ReligiousActors    One World Religion

American Maoism, James Lindsay – marxism is a religion and the religion is ONE.

Articles written in 2009

Full Throttle Reverse – Reverse Engineering Civilization

Background Thinking for reverse engineering civilization

Operation Pan America, Nixon's trip to Venezuela

John F. Kennedy – a Catholic, Alliance for Progress

End Game – North American Union

Woodrow Wilson Center – Canada Institute
Event: Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America should become one country

CSIS – North American Future 2025 Project

SAIS – Johns Hopkins
The Possibility of Further North American Integration and its Implications







Progressive Integralism — Michael O'Fallon

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Motte and Bailey Discussion

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“Kairos” Definition

Kenneth Copeland Discusses the Reformation and Kairos Conference

Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification

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Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

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Copeland Speech at Kairos 2017

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Ray Epps, ex-Marine targeted by a Jan. 6 conspiracy theory, is charged with a misdemeanor in riot

Texas AG Ken Paxton interview with Tucker Carlson

Missouri v. Biden: Massive “Whole-Of-Government” Illegal Censorship Conspiracy Exposed

Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez, Wife Indicted Over Gold Bar And Other Bribery Schemes

DHS to offer work permits, deportation protection to over 470,000 Venezuelans amid new border surge

Seattle City Council Finally Makes Public Drug Use Illegal, Paving Way for Police to Get Addicts Off Sidewalks 




Lynn Forester de Rothschild: 'Dustbin' the term 'ESG'

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink: Use ESG to force behavioral change

Green Bubble Burst: US ESG Fund Closures In 2023 Surpass Total Of Previous Three Years

Backfire: World's Fourth Largest Iron Ore Producer Stops Purchasing Carbon Offsets









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