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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Project Veritas' undercover sting of Pfizer's executive, Jordan Trishton Walker, reveals the company has discussed experimenting and mutating viruses to sell more mRNA shots. Big Pharma's near total control of the establishment media. Antifa riots and road blockages. Vicky updates us on her latest research on the empire-building, economic integration, the origins of the World Economic Forum, Oleg Deripaska, and we say our final goodbye to our dear friend, John Dudley, a.k.a. "John in Tennessee". Phone calls throughout the show.



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These are links to my info on the education system. I started looking at the education system when I read a conceptual design for a national human resource system that would have the full school and work history of American students and adults. I later found out that the next step beyond that was to manage the inflow of foreign workers. You can't manage foreign imports without managing the domestic workforce. I flipped out and jumped into researching education from that point.

Here is the link to Debbie Niwa's archive I posted on my website. It's just a small fraction of what she has and the work she's done on the subject because she was deeply involved in education research before I met her.

Here is a link to the powerpoint presentation I gave at Amanda Teegarden's Researchers Conference in 2013. It has the slide on the early history of computers and Ronald Reagan's relationship with GE.

If you can get to Epoch times TV to watch video reports, here is a link to a video that is a report about Oleg Deripaska. If you can't, I'll record an audio for you (Epoch TV is a subscription service).

It looks like APEC is not being as forthcoming about what they are - an ECONOMIC FORUM. I had to be back into the archives to find a page that says it.

The members are ECONOMIES - not countries. Finance ministers meet and decide. I'm not sure who represents the U.S. but I think it might be the OMB Director but I can't say for certain without updating my information of APEC.

The link to the current APEC website is:






John Carl Dudley "John in Tennessee"






"And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them." —Revelation 9:6



Project Veritas Undercover Sting of Pfizer's Jordan Trishton Walker

Project Veritas Post-Sting Video, Contains Aftermath Brawl and Chaos

Tucker Carlson Reports on Near Total Media Blackout of Veritas Pfizer Sting

"Brought to you by Pfizer"

CNN analyst slammed after writing COVID deaths are being overcounted: ‘TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATE’

Center for Strategic and International Studies panel on CDC Reforms

BBC appearance by Dr. Aseem Malhotra pivots from statins to heart dangers of mRNA shots




Atlanta Police Arrest 6 on Charges of Domestic Terrorism After Antifa 'Night of Rage'

Georgia Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Atlanta Protests, Mobilizes 1,000 National Guard Troops

Police Release Footage Of Tyre Nichols’ Arrest


Former FBI official charged with violating Russia sanctions, money laundering





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