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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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DHS Secretary Mayorkas and FBI Director Wray testify before Congress on threats. Cloward-Piven strategy revisited as illegals pour in and overrun welfare services. Biden's 2015 racist remarks reveal true nature of his attack on America as Illegal aliens surpass U.S. births. Newly-released January 6 footage appears to show capitol police uncuffing "protester" who then fistbumps another officer. San Francisco cleans up its act and Xi Jinping comes to town. History of the Israel takeover of Palestine. U.S. troops getting head injuries in Middle East. Former ECB president predicts death of the Eurozone and more.



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The Gaddafi Speech that Rattled World Powers—the Ugly Part of the United Nations

Mali Chased UN Peacekeeping Force Out of the Country
U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions

Standing Up Against Corporate Greed: How Unions are Improving the Lives of Working Families

Bernie Sanders, Chair, November 14, 2023, Senator challenges witness to a fight. I think it was Markwayne Mullin (R-OK)


Dave Rubin Report, full program about Israel and Palestine

Clip with timestamp


G7 – Information Society Conference on Global Systems

Al Gore's speech at the Conference

The New Transatlantic Agenda, European Union talking to Yassar Arafat as part of the Union's plan to fight terrorism

Momar Gaddafi speech at the UN 2009

UN Regional (Economic) Commissions – internal to the UN Economic and Social Council

Pan American Health Organization







TRT Report on History of Israel Takeover of Palestine

Several U.S. troops getting brain injury in Middle East

Former ECB President Mario Draghi Discusses the Death of the Eurozone

European Commission To Assess 10 Countries For EU Membership




New York Mayor Eric Adams Speech on the Budget

NYC Mayor Adams Announces City will Reduce NYPD Officers to Below 30,000, Slash Education Department Due to Financial Impact of Illegal Aliens

‘Don’t Want To Show Us Anywhere Else’: Migrants Reportedly Lament Taxpayer-Funded Shelter Doesn’t Come With TV

L.A. Wants To Commandeer Vacant Hotel Rooms as Homeless Housing

Secretary Mayorkas and FBI Director Wray Testify on Global Threats

FBI Director Wray Confirms Illegal Alien Terrorists Have Slipped into U.S. Through Southern Border

Joe Biden in 2015: "Not a bad thing" that "unrelenting stream of immigration" will cause white people to be "absolute minority" by 2017

Cloward–Piven strategy

GOP Report: Illegal Aliens at Southern Border Under Biden Far Exceed Annual U.S. Births

US Immigration Reaching 15 Percent Milestone – How Much Higher Will It Go?

Boston Democrats Look to Extend Voting Rights to Foreign Nationals

Cartel Pressures Mexican Government into Releasing Regional Boss’ Son

J6 Surveillance Video Appears to Show Capitol Police Uncuffing Protester Who Fistbumps Them

January 6 Surveillance Footage

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Bank of America over Giving Americans’ Bank Info to FBI After January 6

San Fran cleanup

Jake Sullivan Questioned about San Fran cleanup

Gavin Newsom admits San Francisco clean-up was only because 'fancy leaders are coming to town'

Biden and Xi Emerge from Four-Hour Meeting with Deal to Restore Military Contact

WHISTLEBLOWER: Federal Prosecutors Have Evidence Joe Biden Met with Hunter’s Chinese Energy Client CEFC

Fistfight nearly breaks out in Senate hearing until Sen. Bernie Sanders intervenes








Online Privacy at Risk from Awful U.K. Internet Regulation Bill

This Month, The EU Parliament Can Take Action To Stop The Attack On Encryption

Steve Gibson of Security Now! Talks About EU Article 45





After Years in the Wilderness, Conservative Christian Education Is Being Born Again Post-Pandemic

McDonald's Scrubs Mentions Of "ESG" From Its Website

Anheuser-Busch U.S. Marketing Head Steps Down Months After Bud Light Implosion

Federal Judge: Statute Barring Gun Possession After DUI Conviction Violates Second Amendment











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