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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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"New America" and CFR globalists think right-wing patriots are the extremist threat, as borders wide open for cartels, drugs, jihadis, and Communist Chinese. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott finally sends National Guard to border, blocking CPB. Power struggle between Establishment and Grass Roots for control of Michigan GOP. As snow storm dumps several inches of snow, and frigid temps chill the nation, is it still the "hottest year on record"? Electric vehicle popularity continues to wane. Also, Vicky discusses her new articles, World Government by Control of Environment and Health, and The Charity Industrial Complex, and Biden's attempt to regulate dishwashers and washing machines is sullied by appeals court.



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October 30, 1991 - Communitarian event implicit - merger of the parties

The Heritage Foundation and the Progressive Foundation co-sponsored a forum on politics in the 1990's entitled, “Left and Right: the Emergence of a New Politics in the 1990's?".

Harris Miller, Dirt Bag

Immigration Attorney that was a leader in flooding our job markets with illegal and H-1b labor

This is the page of links I told you about. I put it together right before the show . A lot of these pages are from my old website so the links may not all work. I'll have to work on moving the pages to the new website and updating the links.

Importing Biological Terror






Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo is President of Nevada Based Organization that Supports Democrats

Kristina Karamo Responds

"Your Defending Fathers" with Trucker Randy Bishop

MIGOP State Committee members voted 59 to 1 to keep Kristina Karamo.

Patrick Colbeck tweet

WHOIS LOOKUP FOR MIGOP.ORG (registered in 1996)

WHOIS LOOKUP FOR MI-GOP.ORG (registered on January 7, 2024)








New America Foundation discussion on "Far-Right Extremism"


FBI Knock and Talks

Jewelry Store Thieves Get Shot At When Owner Defends Self

NBC Report on Border Patrol Overwhelmed

Fox News: Border Patrol Outnumbered 200 to 1

More Than 13,000 Illegals Caught Entering US in One Day

29K Migrants Apprehended at Border During Christmas Weekend

Illegal Immigrants With Anchor Babies Using Up More Welfare Than American Citizens: Report

They live near San Diego. Migrants pass through their backyards almost nightly

Leprosy, Polio, Malaria, TB, Measles … and Massive Unscreened Illegal Immigration

Sen. Dick Durbin: Use Illegal Aliens for Military Cannon Fodder

Maine Taxpayers Now Forced into Paying Illegal Aliens' Rent

Chicago Housing Illegals at O'Hare Airport

Sanctuary City Chicago: Arrests of Venezuelan Illegal Aliens Rise More than 11,000% Since 2021

Massachusetts To Spend $915,000,000 On ‘Emergency Shelters’ In Response To Migrant Influx

New Democrat Assembly Woman Jaime Williams Blasts Biden Administration for Not Securing Border

NYC High School Forced Into Remote Teaching As Migrants Move In For A Night...Or More

Illegal Alien Invasion Maps Exposed

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Sends National Guard to Eagle Pass, Blocks Border Patrol Access

TX National Guard has seized control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass

Illegal Alien Arrested For Murder of 16-Year-Old Texas High School Cheerleader Lizabeth Medina

Blinken and Mayorkas Fly to Mexico and Discuss Amnesty for the Millions of Illegal Migrants in the US

16K Chinese Migrants Apprehended by Border Patrol Since October

Rep. Jerry Nadler: We need illegal aliens to be our vegetable-picking slaves

Sen. Nancy Pelosi: Florida needs illegals to be their crop-picking slaves





Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Leads a Hearing on Injuries Caused By COVID-19 Vaccines: Part II

World Government By Control of Environment and Health

The Charity Industrial Complex: Charity for Business




Why Are "Hottest Year" Ever Headlines Spiking Right Before A Polar Vortex?

Tesla Cybertruck faces criticism as videos of winter woes surface

Rental giant Hertz dumps EVs, including Teslas, for gas cars





Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Joe Biden’s Attempt to Regulate Dishwashers and Washing Machines

EV Sales Absolutely Bomb in Heartland America Region, Sending Big Message to Biden Admin



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