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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Mass shootings, "Red Flag" laws, and "Gun Free" zones. From Bankrupt wind turbine companies and defective solar cells to self-wrecking cars, Agenda 21 "solutions" are not working. Automotive manufacturers are having to explain the non-performance of electric vehicles. Biden administration's carbon cutting is killing the American consumer. Farms are continuing to disappear from the American landscape. Shock: U.S. weapons found their way into Hamas hands. FBI director Chris Wray fearmongers to push the surveillance state, as the "Five Eyes" intelligence group finally discovers China. The benefits of invasive species in the Great Lakes, and more.



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22 People Dead, 30 Injured after ‘Mass Casualty, Mass Shooter Event’ in Maine

2021 Photo Shows First Target of Lewiston Killer WAS a "Gun-Free Zone"

Authorities say a man suspected of fatally shooting 18 people and wounding 13 in Maine has been found dead

Bowling Alley Where Maine Attacker Fatally Shot 7 Is a Gun-Free Zone

DOD was Aware of Maine Shooting Suspect’s Prior Threats

Family of Maine Shooting Suspect Says He Started To Hear “Horrible Things” After Being Fitted for “High-Powered Hearing-Aids”

Georgia’s Lt. Governor Wants to Pay Teachers an Extra $10,000 to Carry Guns in Schools 




Siemens Energy Shares Crash 37% As Renewable Bust Sparks 'Green Panic'

Auto execs are coming clean: EVs aren't working

General Motors Third Quarter Shareholder Conference Call

California Halts Cruise Self-Driving Cars

Jackson Hole Buys 8 Electric Buses For Transit System, But None Are Working

Biden administration announces restrictions on furnaces in latest green energy push

Biden's Dream House

Report: majority of carbon offset projects globally are “likely junk”

Center for Energy Security Discussion, June 11, 2008 - utilizing the military for energy enforcement

Rooftop Solar Power Has a Dark Side

Great Lakes owe clear waters to invasive species

Forest Service sued over loss of life, property from Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak wildfire

Ag officials: Drastic drop in U.S. farms over 4 decades causing pain in rural areas

Global Environmental Issues Congressional Clearinghouse - John Kerry high praise for unrepentant communist Mikhail Gorbachev

Unrepentant communist Mikhail Gorbachev speaks at the Congressional Clearing House on Global Environmental Issues

Freedom Caucus Slams Gordon For Climate Change Remarks At Harvard Visit








Washington D.C. Spooks Monitor Govern America Radio Stream


FBI director Chris Wray pushes the surveillance state

60 Minutes 'Five Eyes' Segment

Biden saw meeting with China's Wang Yi as 'good opportunity,' White House says

"Unconscionable": Republicans Press Pentagon Over American-Made Weapons In Hamas's Hands

Feds Warn That Hamas, Hezbollah Could Be Crossing Southern Border

Mexican Presidential Candidate Campaigns on US Soil

Bibi Netanyahu in 2019: Israel Must ‘Support Bolstering Hamas and Transferring Money to Hamas’

Wikileaks on X: Israeli Defense Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin in 2007: “Israel would be happy if Hamas took over Gaza because IDF could then deal with Gaza as a hostile state”, going on to downplay significance of Iran in Gaza “as long as they don't have a port."









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