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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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House Judiciary Committee holds hearing in Arizona to address Biden border crisis. Contrary to what most believe, the United States law allows illegal aliens to vote. UN coordinates organized crime and Biden administration to facilitate illegal alien invasion into the United States. Mass wildlife die offs and devastation: Klamath River dams removed; how did it turn out? The Millennium Summit, refugee resettlement, and ecoregions. Biden administration prepares to lock up more land in the name of conservation. Rewilding: More dangerous predators released, as ranchers reel over cattle killings by introduced wolves. State attorneys general sue "Big Oil" over climate change, and more.



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UN - Library of International Law

Millennium Summit, September 8, 2000

Pirate Takeover of the Administrative State - polluting the Animas River

2011 - EPA and UN Environment Programme (UNEP) - Memorandum of Understanding

Refugee Resettlement - Idaho

1982 - United Nations - World Charter for Nature

Conversion - Theft of a Country

Stepping Stones of Treason by Treaty

Global Pollution Prevention

Climate Change: Scientific Psychological Warfare for Population Reduction

COVID and Climate: Flipping the Green Switch

Insanity Globalized

Menu Page with articles on the transformation to global governance






Darren's photos of the Northern Lights from southern Michigan in the early morning hours of May 11, 2024.






The Biden Border Crisis: Arizona Perspectives

Catherine Engelbrecht, Founder of "True the Vote": U.S. Law Allows Illegals to Vote Without Penalty

18 U.S. Code § 611 - Voting by aliens

NBC News: The New Era of Global Migration

Epoch Times Journalist, Joshua Philipp on UN Involvement with Organized Crime to Facilitate Invasion of U.S.

Joshua Philipp’s Documentary: Weapons of Mass MIgration

Biden: "If you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised, not cut."




How the Klamath River Dam Removal and Salmon Restoration Project was Framed and Promoted

THE REALITY NO ONE WANTS DISCUSSED: How the Klamath River Dam Removal Really Turned Out
(Multiple Sources)

Video of Officials Introducing Fish Into the River, Leading to Mass Fish Die Off

County Leaders Address FEMA Floodplain Map Redrawing

Darren Weeks: Controlling the Land by Soaking the People

Interior Department Announces Expansion of Four National Wildlife Refuges to Conserve Habitat, Protect Species and Support Recreation

National pressure mounts for Biden to create Chuckwalla monument, protect other lands

Ranching Groups and the Sheriff Call on Colorado to Kill Two Wolves Behind Depredations

The toll of Colorado's wolf war: Rancher says Grand County on edge after wolf kills

41 ‘apex predators’ — that eat venomous snakes — released in north Florida. Here’s why.

AG Dana Nessel plans to sue fossil fuel companies over climate change effects on Michigan

MONTAGE SOURCES: Several States Sue 'Big Oil' Over Climate Change

Antonio Guterres: Hold Fossil Fool Companies Accountable







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