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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Climate alarmists pushing new scare campaign. Lithium batteries causing fires. John Kerry spills the real agenda. Biden administration targets water heaters. Also, the Patriot Front, Task Force Butler, The Promethius Project, Ashtoe, The City of London, The Intelligent Vehicle Highway System, Inland ports, Admiralty law, Innocent until proven guilty? The Treaty of Paris, King Charles, and did we really break from England? U.S. governed by dimentia patients. Seymour Hersh says U.S. is behind Crimean Bridge attacks. Hazard pay for U.S. soldiers in Ukraine. Flannery and land purchases surrounding Travis Air Force Base, and more.



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This is an article about the Patriot Front trial in Northern Idaho.

Project Blacklisted - Opposition Research Report produced by Task Force Butler on the Patriot Front. This report was sent to prosecutors all over the country. It was obtained through FOIA requests by Casey Whalen, North Idaho Exposed.


Announcing the New Transportation Policy for America

President Bush said: "our mission for this decade and the next century is to build on our achievements to link the nations of the world as we've linked the States of this great country".


This is a link to a press conference with Transportation Secretary Sam Skinner. It was on March 8, 1990 following the announcement of the New Transportation Policy. When answering a question of a report, Skinner talks a little bit about the change in financing for highways - reducing the federal support for highways substantially which of course increased the share the states would have to come up with to pay for highway maintenance and construction. What Skinner doesn't mention is that the federal dollars would be spent a defense conversion - shifting defense and highway money to research and development of transportation technology.

1992 - Executive Order 12803 - ordering the sell off of U.S. infrastructure assets. Privatization.


U.S. foreign policy shifted from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 1984

1986 - Gorbachev opens up Russia on the eastern side (facing west) - port city of Vladivostok, special economic zone financed by Japan. That's the model for the global transportation system - special economic zone and foreign direct investment.




'Heat Islands' Have City-Dwellers Swelter In A Concrete Jungle

Feverish BBC Reporting on European ‘Heatwaves’ Debunked by Actual Temperature Readings

NatGas, Coal, Nuclear Power Save Largest US Grid As Emergency Alert Declared For Second Day

Exploding E-Bikes: Lithium Battery Fires Spread In New York And California

John Kerry testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Accountability

GOP lawmakers slam Biden administration’s proposed clamp down on home water heaters

Karine Jean-Pierre Responds to Questions About Administration's Targeting of Water Heaters

Government Nudge Unit is working with Woke Banks to implement Secret Social Credit System disguised as ‘Carbon Guilt Trip Tracker’

New York City to Implement New Restrictions on Utensils, Condiments, Napkins, and Extra Containers in Take Out Orders to Combat Waste and Climate Change



US Was Behind Both Crimean Bridge Attacks: Seymour Hersh

Ex-US Marine Trevor Reed injured fighting in Ukraine

US troops in Ukraine can now earn hazard pay

Flannery Associates: 'Mystery company' buys $800M of land near California's Travis AFB


USAF investigates mystery company that's bought 55,000 acres around major California air force base costing $800 MILLION - amid security fears it may be connected to a hostile power

Senate Backs Measures Tackling China Tech Investments, CCP Farmland Purchases


Biden's DOJ Illegally Bribing States To Pass Gun Confiscation Laws: Lawmakers 





Hunter Biden Admits in Court He Made $664K from CEFC China Energy, Contradicting Joe Biden’s Claims

Confused Diane Feinstein Told to 'Just Say Aye' During Senate Vote

Confused Mitch McConnell Zones Out During Press Event











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