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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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House committee hearings about carbon collusion reveal tentacles of the shadow government and its agenda. Bill Gates wants to "fix" cows. Electric vehicle owners are statistically not happy with their EVs. East Palestine, Ohio train derailment was an even worse environmental disaster than originally believed. Lawfare tactics continue against conservative politicians as Michigan state representative Neil Friske is arrested under suspicious allegations as ballots go out, and more.



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Rio 1992: Launch of the New Green Deal (John Kerry and Globe International - association of government parliamentary leaders. Note: environmental economic accounting.

World Government by Control of Environment and Health - more John Kerry

Market Corruption: Social Credit Score Racketeering (ESG Scores)

"Crafted by more than 20 pension funds, foundations and special government funds, backed by a group of 70 experts from around the globe..."

White Collar War - more on ESG scores and ratings agencies

Living Science Fiction? (Note: has link to H.G. Wells Episode 2 of Wells' War of the Worlds








Rep. Neil Friske investigated on gun, sex assault allegations, Ingham Co. Prosecutor says

MSM Defames MAGA Michigan State Rep. – Media Caught Lying about 3AM Stripper Shootout, NO SHOTS FIRED, LEGISLATOR ROBBED

Charges Dismissed, According to Patrick Colbeck.





House Judiciary Hearing on Decarbonization and Climate Collusion

Climate Czar John Kerry at the House Foreign Affairs Committee

East Palestine, Ohio Follow-Up

46% of American EV drivers want to go back to gas cars — report

European Newspaper Says Citizens Better Get Used To Not Having Electricity All The Time

Bill Gates wants to 'fix the cows' so they stop burping, farting methane into the air — here's the startup he backed to help fight climate change. Plus 3 more stocks tackling the issue

Canada passes bill to tackle “environmental racism”

Hawaii Democrat Governor Betrays the People, Settles "Carbon Kids" Lawsuit

Influence Watch: Our Children’s Trust

ESG in 2006

A petition to put king salmon on the endangered species list is raising alarm across Alaska

Senate Hearing on Federal Bureau of Land Mismanagement Stewardship of Land Resources

Convicted tree spiker: Stone-Manning knew plans in advance

Ammon Bundy on 6,000 Idaho Farmers Having Their Water Rights Curtailed







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