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Govern America | October 16, 2021 | Weaponized Cicadas



Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Cougar sightings rise in places that haven't had cougars in decades. Wildlife corridors, "protected" areas, and other attacks on private property rights. The war on food heats up. White House claims to care about cattle ranchers after years of pushing anti-cattle memes of "climate change", and promoting the consolidation of meat packing facilities. Will Xi Jinping snub COP26, instead choosing to watch western countries commit national suicide while China expands? Technocrats prepare personal carbon allowances for everyone. The pay-per-mile highway model expands. Follow-up on what's called "Havana Syndrome". Planning the perfect murder is something you now learn in grade school. Covid frankenjabs continue to injure and kill, but don't deliver on immunity. Vax mandates are killing nearly every sector and profession. Deep dive into Milken Institute's Quest for a Universal Flu Vaccine, held in October 1999, and more.




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Show Notes

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Notes on the Milken Institute

I worked on the webpage where I documented the nationalization of medical records and kicked off the "creative destruction" of our health care system to build this nightmare system of medical research integrated into the health care system.

Here is Tommy Thompson, 9/11 he declared a national health emergency



Ventura County Residents Speak Out Against Wildlife Corridor

H.R.1755 - Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act

White House Press Briefing, September 8, 2021

A Tax Plan to Destroy Farms and Ranches

Tyson, Perdue to pay $35M to settle with chicken farmers

Biden rebuffed as US and China fail to reach climate agreement

Cougar sightings rise in Upper Peninsula after years of skepticism

Technocrats Are Preparing ‘Mandatory’ Personal Carbon Allowances

Scientists created world’s whitest paint; It could eliminate need for air conditioning

Pay-per-mile tolling systems are poised to hit highways

New affordable housing development planned for Jackson, Michigan




Public School Teaching Students on How to Plan the Pefect Murder 







Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just A Press Release

Michigan House Bill 4471 -- A bill to prohibit employers from discriminating against an individual because the individual has not received or declines to receive certain vaccinations; to prohibit retaliation; and to provide remedies

Dr. Christina Parks' Testimony Before Michigan House on HB 4471

Milken Institute Panel Discussion on "The Quest for a Universal Flu Vaccine", October 29, 1999

100 Percent Australian Covid Hospital Patients Are "Vaccinated"

Victoria, Australia Government Pilot App Program: They Call You, You Answer in 5 Minutes or They Will Be At Your Door

Deaths Following Vaccination Reported in Taiwan Exceed Nation's COVID Death Total

The Damage is Real: Woman Overcome with Grief After Covid Frankenjab Leaves Her Sister Dead

Landlords in Florida Defying Gov. Ron Disantis' Vax Passport Ban

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly a part of the World Economic Forum

Washington State Ferry System on Threshold of Collapse Due to Frankenjab Mandate

Seattle PD Bracing for Impact of Firing Hundreds of Cops Due to Vax Mandates

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva: We Won't Enforce County Frankenjab Mandate on Department 







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