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Communist Chinese spy balloon violates U.S. air space and sovereignty, as a compromised Joe Biden allows it to cross the country, collecting intel on sensitive U.S. sites. Latin America also has a Chinese spy balloon, hovering overhead, as well as Chinese satellite monitoring stations. China's surveillance tentacles are now encircling the globe. U.S. government allows foreign threats to occupy domestic air space, while targeting every day Americans for surveillance. Frontline produced a documentary on Pegasus, which Govern America addressed back in 2016, which infects portable devices with U.S. spyware. New York City adds 11,000 police surveillance cars with 360-degree facial recognition. Cities using AI to detect gunshots, but is the technology reliable? More weapons sent to Ukraine as administration pushes forward on its war against Russia. Engineered food scarcity moves forward, as does genetic engineering of frankenfood. UK government job post strongly indicates they are planning for another big vaccine push. WHO wants anti-vaxx activists to be punished. FAA changes regulations to allow heart-damaged pilots to continue flying. Moderna now has a mRNA shot to deal with heart damage caused by its mRNA shots. Bill Gates dumped shares before changing his tune on mRNA technology. What is ChatGPT and how does it work?



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Here is the link to the story I did on the China story April 1, 2001






UPDATE: U.S. Stealth Jet FINALLY Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon Off Carolinas (How much information was fed back to China before it was shot down?)

Balloon News Report #1

Balloon News Report #2

Pentagon Press Briefing on Spy Balloon

Biden Brags About Time Spent with Xi Jingping

High-Altitude Chinese Spy Balloon Tracked In Montana Airspace Near ICBM Fields

House Foreign Affairs Committee Dems Tweet

Second Chinese 'surveillance' balloon transiting Latin America

China’s Ground Stations in South America Raise Concerns

China to build satellite ground stations in Antarctica

Pilots Are Now Reporting Chinese Spy Balloon Floating a Few Thousand Feet Above Them

FBI Director Christopher Wray at World Economic Forum on "Digital Surveillance"

PBS Frontline: Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus

Govern America | September 3, 2016 | Pegasus

11,000 Police Surveillance Cars With 360-Degree Cameras and "Perimeter Alerts" To Patrol NYC

ShotSpotter Employees Not Only Have The Power To Alter Gunshot Reports, But Do It Nearly 10% Of The Time

Biden Announces US Will Send 31 M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

US Announces Massive $2.5 Billion Weapons Package for Ukraine

US may assist Ukrainian strikes on Crimea – NYT

Top US general inspects Ukrainian troops; Mark Milley visited a German camp to oversee the Pentagon’s newly expanded training program

Pentagon Announces Ukrainian Troops Will Train In Oklahoma

CIA Chief Gave Zelensky A Personal Intel Briefing In Secret Meeting

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, September 2010


Universal Declaration of Human Rights




Cattleman's Beef Association Warns of Disease Threat Due to Open Borders

China claims it has cloned three mutant SUPER COWS that can pump out 300 tons of milk & plans a herd of 1,000

Scientists Use CRISPR To Put Genes From Alligator Into Catfish

Food Shortages Are Starting To Become Quite Serious All Over The Planet

Scientists Launch Project To Bring The Dodo Bird Back From The Dead





Federal government is accused of using antiterrorism tech to target vaccine dissent

Vaccine Supply Operations Lead

UK’s “Nudge Unit” recommends various online psychological manipulations when people shop and travel to push a “net zero society”

Massive Peer-Reviewed Mask Study Shows ‘Little To No Difference’ In Preventing COVID, Flu Infection

WHO Putting Out Videos Calling for Anti-Vaxx Protesters to Be Punished

Tucker Carlson Reports on Recent FAA Change to Allow Heart-Damaged Pilots to Fly

Steve Kirsch: The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal. We should be concerned. Very concerned.

Moderna Announces Trials Of mRNA Shot For Heart Attacks

Bill Gates secured hundreds of millions in profits from mRNA stock sales before suddenly changing tune on vaccine technology








ChatGPT Writes Glowing Poem Praising Hunter Biden, Refuses To Write About Marjorie Taylor-Green

CLAIM: You’ll soon be able to ‘talk to dead relatives in the metaverse’ after ‘ChatGPT breakthrough’

Microsoft announces new multibillion-dollar investment in ChatGPT-maker OpenAI

Top AI conference bans use of ChatGPT and AI language tools to write academic papers

Christians Must Enter the AI Arms Race —Andrew Torba 




Biden Brain Freeze


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