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Govern America | September 3, 2016 | Pegasus



Host: Darren Weeks

Economic news is looking dismal as job growth remains weak. More Establishment media predictions of economic doom as labor force participation rate remains high. ObamaCare update. Flooding continues in Louisiana as Florida and the Carolinas are hit with Hurricane Hermine. How will the rest of the East Coast fare? What is the administration's response? Followup on Zika outbreak as companies eye the outbreak as an "opportunity". CDC issues chilling proposed "police state" rule to forcefully quarantine and vaccinate healthy Americans. We do a deep dive on the Pegasus vulnerability that Apple patched this week for the iPhone and explain why all users of portable devices and computers should be concerned. Also, wildfire, wolves, "global warming" snowfall, censorship, gardens banned, rules on saws in forests, and Trump details his policy speech on illegal immigration.

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Show Notes

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U.S. creates 151,000 jobs in August; unemployment 4.9%

The Idle Army: America’s Unworking Men: Millions of young males have left the workforce and civic life. Full employment? The U.S. isn’t even close

94,391,000 Not In Labor Force; Labor Force Participation Stuck at 62.8%

Govt Workers Outnumber Manufacturing Workers by 9,932,000

Storm Brewing in Global Markets

Obamacare rate hikes rattle consumers, could threaten enrollment

Homeownership Rate in the U.S. Drops to Lowest Since 1965




Tropical Storm Hermine moves into Carolinas, heavy rain forecast

Hermine 'to strengthen back into a HURRICANE in time for Labor Day': Storm will stall off the coast of New York and New Jersey until WEDNESDAY as beaches close and flights threatened with 30m in its path

‘Do You Prefer Ma’am or Sir?’: New DOJ Video Shows Cops How to Treat Transgender People

Administration's Flood Response: Issue Threats





Can Zika be an opportunity for building more resilient health systems?


GBCHealth: Founded by “Visionary” Companies — CEO was Former Assistant Sec. of State Richard C. Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke

GBCHealth: Past Member Directory

GBCHealth: 2015 Supporters

Parents whose children got narcolepsy after swine flu jab sue the Dutch state

CDC Proposed Rule by the Health and Human Services Department Dealing With Communicable Diseases and Forced Quarantine

Link to section dealing with Precommunicable Stage (non-contagious people)

ALERT: U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS to Round Up and Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away the Key





Inside 'Pegasus,' the impossible-to-detect software that hacks your iPhone

Ahmed Mansoor

NSO Group on LinkedIn

Here’s what we know about the secretive company building terrifying tools to hack your iPhone

NSO Group Brochure

Francisco Partners

Lookout’s Technical Analysis of Pegasus Spyware (pdf format)

Security Now! #575

THE PEGASUS FILE (Interesting Link, Courtesy of the Chat Room)





Wildfire burns in Dinosaur National Monument; Green River campground closed

Wolf advocates rally to move cows off public lands

Wolf expert says human habituation likely reason for Cigar Lake attack

Heavy Snow CLOSES US-212 (Beartooth Pass) in Montana!

Professors tell students: Drop class if you dispute man-made climate change

31,487 Degreed American Scientists Who Don’t Believe In Anthropogenic Greenhouse Warming

The '97% consensus' of scientists on climate change is complete bunk... fraudulent statistic repeated everywhere is based on blatant scientific FRAUD

Judge Rules Government Can Ban Vegetable Gardens Because They’re ‘Ugly’

Forest Service announces national policy on saw use


CGA Detailed Notes on Trump's Immigration Policy Speech, Given August 31, 2016


Full Trump Policy Speech - Phoenix, Arizona 8/31/16


Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto Press Conference 8/31/16


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