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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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New House Speaker Mike Johnson is not the conservative "savior" that he is being portrayed to be. Hero worship: Leftist radicals of yesterday become the darlings of today's conservative Right. The epidemic of pervert school teachers. The threat of artificial intelligence. Sanctuary cities are firing up residents at city council meetings. Technocracy is the way forward for totalitarianism. Janet Yellen says we won't decouple from the technocratic Chinese as China prepares for war with the United States and builds alliances in Latin America. CCP involved with Latin American drug cartels, the migrant crisis, and smuggling along the U.S.-Mexican border. Politicians debate billions more in foreign aid as Americans starve. Right wing douche bags are just as bad as Left wing douche bags, so don't be a douche bag! Israel bombed and slaughtered its own people during the October 7th Hamas attack, and more.



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"My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation." —James 3:1





Rep. Mike Johnson Elected Speaker of the House

Newest GOP ‘Savior’ Louisiana’s Mike Johnson Heavily Funded by Pharma

GOP Speaker Nominee Mike Johnson Owned by War Machine

Mike Johnson, Who Praised Zelensky And Supports Israel, Becomes Latest Republican Speaker Frontrunner

Rep. Mike Johnson parrots the Left's talking point about 'systemic racism'




Election Offices Across U.S. Receive ‘White Powder’ in Voter Envelopes from ANTIFA that Tests Positive for Fentanyl

Raucous crowds flood Chicago City Council, shut down meeting over sanctuary city issue








Janet Yellen clip

China Unscripted #226 China is Preparing for War in the Americas | Joseph Humire

Pentagon Is Starting To Restrict Flow Of Military Aid To Ukraine As Money Runs Out

Secretaries Blinken and Austin Testify on Emergency Aid for Israel and Ukraine

Russian Oil Now Trades Consistently Above $60: Will The West Pretend Its Sanctions Are Still In Force

October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles

As Gazans Scrounge for Food and Water, Hamas Sits on a Rich Trove of Supplies

Pakistan prepares deportation centres for undocumented migrants

Why is Pakistan Expelling Afghan Refugees?






Thousands of people are reportedly lining up to have a portion of their skull removed and one of Elon Musk's brain chips implanted

Infowars: Gaza is the world's first 15 minute city






Man behind Ivy League ‘doxxing trucks’ has home searched by gun-toting SWAT team

Second teacher with Onlyfans page discovered at the same school














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