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The CIA operates domestically: proof of involvement on January 6. Gangs, thugs, and cannibals: a Haitian toilet flush toward the U.S.A. Was the president of Haiti assassinated by the CIA? Who is former State Department official Mike Benz? Analysis of the controversial TikTok bill. Special Counsel Robert Hur testifies before Congress. Treasury Secretary Yellen normalizes debt dependency. Organized crime networks and retail fraud, and more.



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Mike Benz interview with Tucker Carlson

Mike Benz is a former State Department official - and this is his website.

America as a Dumping Ground for the excess populations of other countries and a non-shooting war against American citizens.

DECEMBER 7, 2015 *****
Crouching Tiger: What China's Militarism Means for the World" - Peter Navarro, China's Militarism,
Center for a New American Security, Book TV, Stefan Halper, Professor, University of Cambridge, UK
China's warfare strategy - Three Warfares: Psychological, Media, Legal = War by Other Means

Halper starts ~ 48:50

Tik Tok - Competition with government approved information collection? Scroll down to look at the section on Vital Statistics and RELQ

This is the Shell essay I mentioned:

Export Jobs or Import People

Here is a powerpoint I did for a group meeting about the refugee resettlement system. It has a slide on the Vietnamese Boat People and the Mariel Boat Lift.

Refugees as a Weapons System










Special Counsel Robert Hur Testimony

Biden Contradicts Hur

House Oversight Republicans Subpoena AT&T For Hunter Biden’s Phone Records

Janet Yellen sees Americans going into debt for basic necessities as "normal"

Rep. Adam Morgan: I will always listen to my constituency

Inside the organized crime rings plaguing retailers including Ulta, T.J. Maxx and Walgreens





H.R. 7521 — The Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act

House Passes TikTok Divestment Bill; Massie, Musk Rail Against 'Trojan Horse' First Amendment Implications

Why the TikTok Ban is So Dangerous

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on TikTok Bill: It's a Pandora's Box

TikTok Ban Bill Trojan Horse For Globalist Takeover Of Internet Ahead Of 2024 Election

Representative (sic) Dan Crenshaw Doesn't Think Intelligence Establishment Manipulates Minds

22 States and District of Columbia File Amicus Briefs in Favor of Joe
Biden and Government Censorship and Regulation of Speech in America – via the MO v. Biden Case

Canadian Parliament Moves To Impose Potential Life Imprisonment For Speech Crimes




J6: A True Timeline (Full Documentary)

CIA Deployed to the Capitol on January 6, 2021

West Point ditches ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ from mission statement

Tyson Foods Hiring Illegal Alien Invaders

Closing Iowa Tyson Plant Casts Spotlight on Company's Employment of Illegal Alien Invaders

Biden Giving Sanctuary New York City Over $100 Million in Aid for Migrants

Biden administration discussing using Guantanamo Bay to process possible influx of Haitian migrants

A timeline of Haiti’s gang violence and how the country got to where it is

Is there a U.S. intelligence agency link to the assassination of Haiti's president?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Says Fish and Wildlife Interdicted Vessel of Armed Haitians with Drugs

DeSantis Announces Florida Law Enforcement Interdicted Vessel of Haitians with Arms, Drugs












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