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As everyone is focused on the Trump indictment, dangerous Central Bank Digital Currency infrastructure is being put into place. A system which appears to be the Regulated Liability Network (RLN) has been announced that it will be implemented in July. RLN will be able to shut down "person to person" transactions if they are not in "compliance", according to the RLN whitepaper. The Fed is implementing RLN to solidify their "money" monopoly. People complain about high prices, but lack understanding of how policy causes inflation. The RESTRICT Act is still pending in the U.S. Senate, which would all but eliminate free speech online and annihilate Internet freedom. Central banks buying up literal tons of gold, as governments move toward criminalizing cash. French protesters burn torches outside of Blackrock headquarters in Paris. As countries reel over Biden administration's weaponization of the dollar, is the Chinese Yuan on course to become the world's new de facto currency? Twenty-one states threaten banks with legal action over ESG. The U.S. is now a majority "permitless carry" country. Idaho outlaws credit card company tracking codes for firearms purchases. People are finally being told the truth about the nature of the global tyranny. Does this illustrate a smugness among the global Establishment that "everything is in place and nothing can stop us now?" After targeting gas stoves and automobiles, Biden's DOE puts air conditioners and light bulbs in their crosshairs. Colorado town bans new gas stations, while charging stations for electric vehicles are exposed as being vulnerable to hacking. Environmentalists in California want to ban fire retardant, used to fight forest fires. Saudi Arabia invests heavily in desalinization projects, while officials in the U.S. halt such projects. Follow-up on plans to implant federal "health" agencies within the state and local governments to track people. Dr. Anthony Fauci predicts another pandemic could be "next year", as he signs on to advise Italian government-funded biolab. CDC confirms ICD codes will be used to track people who are not fully-vaccinated. Court records reveal that FBI wasn't the only agency that had infiltrated January 6 protesters, as scores of others from D.C. Metro Police and the Department of Homeland Security were acting as "informants" on the Proud Boys alone.



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