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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Trump found guilty on all 34 charges against him. Listener phone calls, in the first hour, on what it means for the future of America. In the second hour, Constitution Party Vice-Presidential candidate and pastor Stephen Broden (see guest information below) joins us to talk about the Trump conviction and a strategy for the future. In the final hour, we address some current events and their place within the orchestration of events.



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The American Buffalo

I describe how the prosecutorial abuse process works. This was the case of the Hammonds (Bundy - Oregon) in Oregon. The Hammonds were sent to prison for setting a backfire (standard procedure) for a wild fire that was headed toward their ranch. The back fire is controlled. The wild fire is not.

This is my archive of stories on the Hammond Family - Ranchers

Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys, article by Ken de Vries

Greater Idaho - joining rural Oregon to Idaho

First - what is the Pacific Northwest Region?

Idaho in the Context of Regionalism - Greater Idaho

Minnesota - regionalism - Council of Great Lakes Governors

La Paz Border Breach






Stephen Broden
Pastor, Constitution Party Vice-Presidential Candidate
Book: Pawns of Change






Professor Jonathan Turley Commentary on Courtroom Happenings

CNN Legal Analyst: Prosecution Fell "Way Short" of Proving Their Case

Corrupt Judge Merchan Told Jury They Did Not Need Unanimity to Convict; He Will Treat 4-4-4 as Unanimous Verdict

Turley Shocked at Judge's Instructions

Biden: Better Not Say It Was Rigged

Donald J. Trump Post-Verdict Press Conference, May 31, 2024

Judge Juan Merchan belongs in conflicted jurist Hall of Fame

Trump's Donation Site Crashes Right After Crucial Verdict

Bill Maher: Democrats Ideas are Stupid

Whistleblower Zach Vorhies: Google Open with Employees About "Programming" Minds

Justice John Roberts Response to Democrats Sparks Fury: 'Corruption'




U.S. gun-makers ask Supreme Court to block Mexico’s claims they’re responsible for cartel violence

Machete-Wielding Maniac Chops People in Times Square

California Progressive Democrat State Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman Says Enough Protecting Predators, Pretending It's Okay

Boston On The Brink As Millennial Mayor Pushes Decriminalization

Woman Found NOT GUILTY on All Charges By So-Called “Judge” Despite Stealing a Police Squad Car and Running Over Cop While Naked

Mexican cartels' presence in U.S. explodes with Biden





HIRTEEN conservative counties in Oregon approve ballot measures for SECESSION vote that would see them join non-woke Idaho - as they issue list of demands

Botanists are scouring the US-Mexico border to document a forgotten ecosystem split by a giant wall


Chicken Fire in Illinois; Over a Million Birds Destroyed

Farmers must kill 4.2 million chickens after bird flu hits Iowa egg farm

Chicken farmers stuck with uncertainty, massive loans in wake of Tyson Foods closures

Biden Goes All-In With War on Coal

Red States Ask Supreme Court To Stop Blue States From Forcing Climate Agenda On Rest Of Country

Restored 2,200-acre Michigan preserve features rare plants, birds, 9 miles of trail

Michigan men charged after illegally camping, starting fire at Isle Royale National Park

The conspiracy theory behind Florida’s lab-grown meat ban

Bill Gates Harvests $113 Million In Nebraska Farmland, Takes Out $700 Million In Loans









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