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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Will Artificial Intelligence be the doom of civilization? Deep dive into the use of AI in the medical profession. What was behind the mysterious explosion of a duplex house in Virginia? The strange death of James Yoo. Mask mandates are returning. As new illnesses circulate around the world, recognizable patterns of control emerge. Texas AG Ken Paxton sues Pfizer. What is self-amplifying RNA? Also, biological warfare, phages, bacteriophages, managed competition, and more.



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Biological Warfare - Phages, bacteriophages. FDA off the rails. Probably a lot of the links won't work but can be retrieved from the internet archive.
There's Something Happening Here

How Corporations Raided Medicare - Insurance companies denying medical treatment - AI will be used for those denials in the future.

Managed Competition = Managed Decisions. This is the concept of Obama Care - health insurance system. Health insurance controls the health care system at this point.

Changes to the health care system - setting up for "new medicine" which includes AI and research on human populations.

2011 - Dr. Watson

The Warning, CFTC Chairman Brooksley Born tries to regulate derivatives.

Frontline went all out on the subject of Born trying to regulate the derivatives market so the best way to see all articles and documentation is to go to the Frontline website and search for Brooksley Born.

Top Secret America - good background on Arlington, VA. There is also a Part 2. Also, there is lots of documentation on this subject same as The Warning.







WSET background story on House Explosion

CulturalHusbandry thread on James Yoo




CDC issues health alert to US doctors over subtype of monkeypox spreading in Congo that kills one in TEN and is more infectious

John Hopkins Clade X Tabletop Exercise

Texas AG Paxton says Pfizer might have lied about efficacy of COVID vaccine, could be 1% effective

Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Sues Pfiz­er for Mis­rep­re­sent­ing COVID-19 Vac­cine Effi­ca­cy and Con­spir­ing to Cen­sor Pub­lic Discourse

Statistician arrested after deep dive into deaths after 'specific Covid vaccine batches'

Steve Kirsch, founder of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation on Covid Impacts on the Amish

Air Force Begs Troops Booted Over COVID-19 Vax To Come Back

Self-Amplifying RNA Shots Are Coming: The Untold Danger






House Hearing on AI Use in the Medical Profession

'Anonymised' data can never be totally anonymous, says study

“Anonymized” data really isn’t—and here’s why not

Axios AI+ Summit










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