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Govern America | October 9, 2021 | Mass Formation

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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Democrats use "new math" for spending bill. Attorney General Merrick Garland declares war on dissenting parents. Garland's conflict-of-interest. Alternatives to the "public fool" system. Pandemic controls used as an excuse to advance regionalism agenda. Judge rules against Alex Jones in "Sandy Hook" defamation case without even examining the merits of the case. Pennsylvania state representative introduces forced sterilization bill. The main witness against Julian Assange has admitted he lied. Pandora Papers, a "Five Eyes" intelligence operation? Lessons of fraud and waste in Afghanistan were heard this week on Capitol Hill; will Congress hold anyone accountable? George Soros has communist China in his crosshairs. More deaths after the frankenjab. Doctor witnessed health patient turn into autoimmunity case, after COVID stabbing.  CDC's Rochelle Walensky claims shots are "effective", yet don't stop people from getting sick, and they don't stop transmission of the virus. Professions throughout society are being purged of the disobedient; only "order followers" will be left.




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COVIDLAND: The Lockdown, Premier – Part One, (Alex Jones producer)


Why Do So Many Still Buy Into the Narrative? | 10/4/21

Description: Does it sometimes feel like you're surrounded by people who've been hypnotized in some way? Well, maybe you are. My guest tonight is Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, and his observations over the past 18 months have led him to conclude that the overwhelming majority have indeed fallen under a kind of spell. Except it's not actually a spell, of course: the term for it is 'mass formation' and right now it's manifesting as a psychological response — not unlike hypnosis — to the unrelenting, single-focus campaign of fear to which we have all been subjected. . . ."


Attorney Reiner Fuellmich: PCR Tests (International law suit), video and documents


When we were talking about California and the Western States pact, I mentioned this article on Minnesota and "banding"  -  regional collectivism of the states.

Banding together – breaking through jurisdictional boundaries



Democrats Can't Do Math




Government secretly orders Google to track anyone searching certain names, addresses, and phone numbers

DARPA accused of sucking up Twitter data

Department of Justice Slams First Amendment, Claims Parents Are Engaged In ‘Domestic Terrorism And Hate Crimes’

427,000 Parents Sound Off To NSBA/DoJ On ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Label

Ben Domenech on Western States Pact

Viva Frei and Robert Barnes on Alex Jones' "Sandy Hook" Defamation Case

Pennsylvania House Democrat Introduces Forced Sterilization – Three-Child Limit Legislation




U.S. Government Provides Another Trove Of Offshore Papers Of People It Dislikes

Afghanistan Inspector General John Sopko Testifies on Misuse of "Assistance" Funds

Key Witness In Assange Case Jailed After Allegedly Fabricating Statement In Court, Going On Crime Spree: Report 


Chinese media call George Soros ‘global economic terrorist’‘global-economic-terrorist’

Sovereign Nations (Episode 29) Public Occurrences: Soros Vs. China

George Soros: Investors in Xi’s China face a rude awakening

"Catastrophic" Property Sales Mean China's Worst Case Scenario Is Now In Play




Unvaccinated Canadians Can’t Travel, Lose Government Benefits

No jab, no wedding: Canadian town requires vaccine proof to get married

CDC's Rochelle Walensky: Vaxx No Longer Prevents You from Speading Covid

Ted Nugent on "Off The Record" with Tim Skubick

Mother, In Her 30s, Dies of Blood Clot After COVID Frankenjab

Slovenia suspends Johnson vaccine over death of 20-year-old

Sweden And Denmark Ban Use Of Moderna SpikeVax In Young People, Citing Myocarditis

Dr. Nathan Thompson Explains What He Found After Running Immunity Test on Bloodwork of Healthy Patient Who Got the Demon Prick


Sweden and Denmark pause use of Moderna vaccine for young people

Federal Workers, U.S. Service Members Sue Biden Admin Over Vaccine Mandates

Biden Thinks Forcing Millions Out of Job Due to Vaxx Mandates is Good for Economy

Henry Ford Hospital Staff Walk Off Job Due to Demon Shot Mandate

Sparrow Health System unveils feature to digitally prove COVID-19 vaccine status

Largest Health Care System In New York State Fires 1,400 Unvaccinated Workers

Louisiana's largest hospital system will impose fee on employees if their spouse is unvaccinated

Connecticut National Guard could be deployed to replace state employees not in compliance with COVID-19 vaccine mandate

PURGING THE DISOBEDIENT: Medical Professional, Mollie James, Describes What's Been Going on With Her Career









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