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Govern America | November 27, 2021 | Peak Humanity

As America collapses under the mire of mismanagement and treachery, her enemies lie in wait. 


Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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The Waukesha massacre. California port mess. The government's restriction of water resources and its impact upon farmers and the food they produce. Deep dive into technocrat Parag Khanna and his advocacy of open migration, curtailment of private property rights, and assigning everyone on the planet a QR code. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau wants to help Biden administration set a carbon tax for the U.S. Meanwhile, technocrats at the Center for American Progress ponder programming "ethics" into the algorithms that will control every aspect of your life. A new COVID variant, new COVID restrictions, a new "vaccination" mandate, and more. 



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Show Notes

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This is a link to the page I put together of articles I've written on the Scamdemic. For the most part, they related to what I was seeing in Idaho but not entirely Idaho.

Here is the link to the Book TV interview on the book San Fransicko that we can talk about next week.

Here is a link to the article I wrote that ultimately led to the re-discovery of Technocracy, Inc. It was my description of the system in this article that Carl Teicrib thought sounded like Technocracy and then Pat Wood set off to research it.

Here is a follow up article on my thinking about reverse engineering civilization.



Waukesha Attacker Allegedly Made Racist Social Media Posts, Threatening to Kill White People

VIDEO: Lansing, Michigan parade crasher?

CBS: California Port Mess Package 



Parag Khanna on C-Span's Book TV

Unemployment: Now, That's Sustainable!

Facebook’s new Meta handle means ‘dead’ in Hebrew

Canadian Prime Minister Kevin Trudeau at Wilson Institute on Working with U.S. on Carbon Tax

Center for American Progress Discussion on Healthcare Algorithms and Ethics





Biden Implements New Travel Restrictions Due to Omicron Variant

REWIND: Biden in March 2020: Trump's Travel Restrictions Against China "Xenophobic"

US to require vaccines for all border crossers in January

Australia: NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner: People Not Allowed to Leave Home, Except as Allowed by Law; Positive People Forced Into Government Quarantine Camps

Irish Senator Gerry Horkan: Let the Unvaxxed Starve

National Institute of Health director: those who spread “misinformation” online should be “identified” and “brought to justice”

Israel holds ‘war game’ in case of lethal new coronavirus strain

Israel on ‘verge of state of emergency’ over new coronavirus variant

All three of Israel's infected were "vaccinated"

California County Mandates Masks in Private Homes for People Not in Same Household

LA Fire Fighter Wipes Butt with Non-Compliant Letter

Democrat Kansas Governor Signs Bill Fining Companies $50,000 For Not Allowing Vaccine Mandate Exemptions

Violent protests break out in Europe over vaccine mandates, lockdowns







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