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King Charles speaks at COP 28 — United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Elites spew CO2 while wagging their fingers at you! Call for Abrahamic religions to be wiped out in favor of Gaia/Earth worship. Community Service and George Bush's "Thousand Points of Light" — the path to mandatory volunteerism and slave labor. Arthur C. Clark and the rescue party. The Venus Project and sustainable cities. Electric vehicle battery failure cost a man his car! Also, crushing coal, pushing Central Bank Digitial Currencies, rewilding grizzlies, Free Speech Protection Act, and more.



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Forum on Community Service, GHW Presidential Library, Sam Nunn, Ron Kirk, USTR and former Mayor of Dallas, Jean Case, Case Foundation (Steve Case AOL)

After watching that panel discussion on Community Service, I went to Wiki to look up: 

Thousand Points of Light.   That was the Foundation that George H.W. Bush established to build an organization for volunteerism.  Apparently, I remembered the quote but not the name of the Foundation created.  The name of the foundation is Points of Light Foundation. 

It was the first of many volunteer organizations.  Recall in the video it was said that Thousand Points of Light was to be the organization of organizations.  It must have spawned Americorp, Teach for America and probably others.

It turns out that "a thousand points of light" is from an Arthur C. Clarke short story titled, "Rescue Party".   Arthur C. Clarke was a British science fiction writer and futurist.  I don't know if you ever watched it but he wrote the screenplay for 2001: A Space Odyssey.  According to Wiki, Clarke won UNESCO's Kalinga Prize.  Read the Wiki on him:

Here is a link to the audio of the "Rescue Party"  story.  The theme - aliens come to a dying planet that is about to be exploded by the sun and it will become a dwarf star.  The aliens came to save as many of the planet's inhabitants as possible (rescue of a race of people who will become extinct when the planet explodes).

Recall that in 1988, Jim Hansen gave the testimony to Congress on Climate Change.

Note that Hansen is now an adjunct professor at the Earth Institute at Columbia University.  Jeffrey Sachs is the Director of the Earth Institute. 

Note:  In the 1960's and 70's Jim Hansen was studying Venus.  

Venus - trigger for me because I do remember The Venus Project.  They were a cult - and still are a cult.  

Google search on images:  the venus project the redesign of a culture and civilization

There is a video on this page that explains the Venus Project: 

Here is their website

Getting back to Thousand Points of Light - Foundation of Foundations:

Look at the diagram of the Tides Foundation network -

Gorbachev's Green Schools Initiative

Note:  Idaho's legislature voted on legislation for conversion to Green Schools.  

Bottom Line, we are living in a cult fiction.  


These are just my raw links regarding the 1990 announcement of the NWO and the initiative to coordinate the Economic and Social mission of the United Nations (preparation for World Government) 


UN Resolution 46/182, April 14, 1992 – coordination of humanitarian emergency assistance

Instructions:  Use this link to get to the search facility.   Search Link

Type NR058270   in the Job Number Search Box.  That will get the document for you.

Clinton comes into office

NAFTA, WTO, President's Council on Sustainable Development – reinvention of government, Agenda for Change

G7-G8, Global Systems

11 'First-Mover' Countries Launch 50-in-5 Campaign to Accelerate Digital Public Infrastructure Adoption around the World


Sir Brian Urquhart, retired from UN, working at Dag Hammarskjold Foundation – funded by Ford Foundation

Reports by Urquhart and Erskine Childers:

A World in Need of Leadership: Tomorrow's United Nations, 1990

Towards a More Effective United Nations (two reports in one), 1991

Reorganization of the United Nations Secretariat: A Suggest Outline of Needed Reforms

Strengthening International Response to Humanitarian Emergencies

My article: New World Order: Continuous Emergency

Global System Report by the Canadian Government, September 1995, my article: Emergency Management – Supplemental

Towards a Rapid Reaction Capability for the United Nations

Brian Urquhart, Consultant, Ford Foundation, UK

Socialist International – Stockholm Initiative, 1991, Brian Urquhart listed, Common Responsibility in the 1990s, OSCE becoming operational?  UNDP?  My article: From Brute Communism to Social Communism


Transforming Our World – Chapter on George H.W. Bush – U.S. ratification of human rights treaty; military-led humanitarian interventions (Iraqi Kurds and Somalis) – U.S. Policy Development, support for existing and new institutions and use of U.S. power for human rights and as humanitarian response, guided by Bush's steady hand and vision to build a different and new world order.  Edited by Andrew Natsios and Andrew Card.

December 1966, two international treaties 
UDHR - International Bill of Rights

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)

International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)

Vienna Declaration on Human Rights, 1993  Note Agenda 2030 which means the predecessor was Agenda 21. 

History of the Mandate:

The UN General Assembly established The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in December 1993 through its resolution 48/141 which also details its mandate. This was just a few months after the World Conference on Human Rights adopted the Vienna Declaration and Plan of Action.

Adopted by 171 States, the Vienna Declaration renewed the world's commitment to human rights. It also called for strengthening and harmonizing the monitoring capacity of the United Nations system with regards to human rights.

Mandate of UN Human Rights

OHCHR – Roadmap

UN Human Rights Management Plan (2018-2021)

Corresponding reinvention of the United Nations 

UN System Documentation, Overview of Coordination of UN System

Chief Executives Board

Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB)

One United Nations

Common Core –

Delivering as One

Delivering as One – Main Report   (A/61/583)

UN ESCAP – System-Wide Coherence

Chief Executives Board – Inter-agency collaboration

CEB Reports

UN Coordination System

Clinton – Executive Orders, 1998    Note games with Eo's on Federalism

Note:    Federalism

                EO 13107 – Implementation of Human Rights Treaties

                (look at amendment to EO 13021

                EO 13097 – Interparliamentary Union

                Suspension of Executive Order 13083, Federalism is suspended  13083

Executive Order 13132 – August 4, 1999, Federalism

EO 13072 – White House Millennium Council

One United Nations Report, 2005

High-level Panel on System-Wide Coherence

Administrative Committee on Coordination (name before CEB)

UN Digital Library System, Search Term: Annual Overview Report of the UN System Chief Executives Board







UN Climate Change Conference - United Arab Emirates

COP28 launches climate fund for vulnerable nations; John Kerry donates $17.5 Million of Your Money

King Charles will warn world leaders 'the Earth does not belong to us' and call for nations to work together to battle climate change in his speech at the Cop28 summit in Dubai today


EV battery replacement will cost $50,000

Jim Garrison: We need to get rid of Abrahamic religions in favor of Gaia worship

Oxfam Study: Tiny Fraction Of Global Elites Emit As Much Carbon As Bottom Two-Thirds Of Humanity

Power grid watchdog warns of higher winter blackout risks, cites Biden energy policies as top threat

Grid operator sounds alarm as coal plant shutdown threatens power for millions

US Backing New Plan To Cripple Coal Industry At UN Climate Conference

Now Big Brother wants to control the gas pedal in your car

Biden invokes wartime powers to fund electric heaters as he cracks down on gas appliances

Kamala Harris Shows Off Gas Stove On Thanksgiving After Biden Admin Proposed Crackdown

IMF Releases Digital Currency Handbook For World's Central Banks

Inflation-Battered Americans Raiding 401k's To Pay Mortgages And Rent


Biden admin plan to release predator near rural communities faces widespread opposition: 'A huge threat'

New Jersey Set to Ban Gas-powered Cars by 2035

Genie Energy Strategic Advisory Board




Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

H.R. 4791: Free Speech Protection Act

Section 230






Henry Kissinger, Dies at 100

Kissinger "tribute" (from the chat room)





New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay

Soros Foundation shuts offices globally, slashes staff by over 40%.







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