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⚫ Govern America | November 5, 2022 | Human Infrastructure



Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Economic collapse draws closer as U.S. debt becomes much harder to service. Millennium Challenge Corporation to direct foreign assistance around the world. Deep dive into World Economic Forum's panel discussion on "An Economic Iron Curtain: Scenarios and Their Implications". IMF managing director believes SDRs are free money that doesn't cost anyone anything! Labor shortages: real or exaggerated? Diesel shortage worsens to dangerous levels; filling stations running out and reports of rationing are beginning to spread. Some energy companies are being forced to retreat from so-called "green" show horse sources of energy in favor of proven work horses like coal. Wind turbines are being destroyed in Germany to make room for expanding coal mines. Supply chains and efficiency in the global economy: and it all comes tumbling down. Crime is skyrocketing in cities large and small, as criminals go unprosecuted in the name of "social justice", and the Biden administration is allowing organized criminal smugglers and cartels into America through our southern border. Rabbis prepare for their "messiah", but are they really readying the world for the antichrist? Millennium Summit produces four key proposals, including a global health information system, called "Healthlink". Deep dive into CBS News' self-censored documentary, called "Arming Ukraine", wherein we learn that only thirty percent of U.S. weapons are making it to their intended recipients. Inter-American Democratic Charter, 9/11 evidence and oddities, springboards for senseless wars, and more.



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US Debt-Servicing Costs Skyrocket: $1.4 Trillion In Interest Payments On Deck

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Canada’s Bill C-11 Explained: A Chilling Law That Lets The Government Censor User-generated Content

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Energy Execs Tell Granholm Shuttered U.S. Oil Refineries Won’t Restart






Arming Ukraine - CBS News self-censored documentary - 30 percent of U.S. weapons reach their intended recipient

Finland Says Ukraine Arms Ending Up In Hands Of Criminal Gangs

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Cohen-Nunn Dialogue: America's Role in the World - Center for Strategic and International Studies

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon at World Economic Forum, January 2020





Federal Court Rules That Beauty Pageant Can Prohibit Transgender Participants






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