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Govern America | November 6, 2021 | Deer Masks

I love CO2 


Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Biden administration continues to weaponize the DOJ to target political enemies. After attacking parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists, they now have independent journalists such as Project Veritas in their crosshairs. The Glenn Youngkin upset isn't what it seems, and seemingly everybody is falling for it! "Defund the Police" is a BIG LOSER in Minneapolis. (Who knew?) Why is Gov. Kristi Noem stifling free speech? Biden's speech at the UN COP26 conference dissected. Tens of thousands of deceased still eligible to vote. Communists flood U.S. government positions, but you're a "racist" if you notice. We hear from a former Soviet toxicologist on the frankenjabs and biological warfare, and more. Plus, we say goodbye to patriot trailblazer and Republic Broadcasting Network founder, John Stadtmiller.




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The Iron Triangle - The Carlyle Group Exposed (This is the video that was my introduction to the Carlyle Group. The first two minutes are in Dutch. The rest is in English.)

Big Blue Monopoly

After the stock of IBM was driven down, Lou Gerstner took over as CEO of IBM. When Gerstner left IBM, he went to the Carlyle Group.

Everything about the Virginia race is explained by the election of private equity guy from Carlyle.

I went to look for the original PBS program that Dana Priest and Alan Arkin did that was called Top Secret America about the information, surveillance and control systems that came about because of the 9/11 dialectic. It seems that PBS either took down those two videos or they buried them because when you search for Top Secret America, you get a different video - produced in 2013. Anyway, the point is - I think Top Secret America was in Virginia - and maybe some in Maryland.

Top Secret America | S2011 E18 | FRONTLINE | PBS (They do finally get around to talking about the IT infrastructure at about 30 minutes or so.)



Glenn Youngkin wiki bio

"Defund the Police" not popular among voters in Minneapolis

26,000 Dead People Still Registered to Vote in Michigan, Lawsuit Alleges

Over 23,000 Registered Voters Revealed To Have Same Phone Number and Over 4,000 With Same Date of Registration Found in Wisconsin County

Sen. Dan Sullivan's speech about Saule Omarova on the Senate Floor

Project Veritas journos homes raided by the FBI

Gov. Kristi Noem sued by 'Blue State Refugees' pushing for ban on vaccine mandates




Bezos Flies By Private Jet To Have ‘Cup Of Tea’ And Climate Change Chat With Prince Charles (Who Also Flew In By Private Jet)

Biden Speech at COP26

Obama, January 2008: Under my plan, electricity rates will necessary skyrocket

Greta Thunberg hates COP26






 Iowa study: 82.5% of deer tested positive for COVID-19

Australia Is Now Threatening Citizens With Seizure Of Homes & Bank Accounts Over Covid Violations

Former USSR Toxicologist Igor Shepherd on the Frankenshots and Biological Warfare

NYC to release 'tracer gases' in subway system

Dem Pols Profit From Forcing COVID Tests on Cops, Firefighters

Slew of GOP-Led States Sue Biden Admin. Over Covid Vaccine Rule

Los Angeles Police Union Files Lawsuit Against City Over Vaccination Mandate

U.S. Supreme Court rejects religious challenge to Maine vaccine mandate

Federal Judge Blocks Hospital From Putting Unvaccinated Workers on Unpaid Leave

100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data

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