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⚫ Govern America | August 19, 2023 | Windows of Opportunity (Updated Show Notes)




Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Deep dive into oddities surrounding devastating Maui wildfire, as evidence emerges that officials intend to use this event to undermine the residents' private property rights. Biden administration prepares to reimpose COVID restrictions this fall. Mike Lindell said what? The Terrible 1313. Globalists use of indigenous peoples to push their agenda. China prepares to invade Taiwan, and more.



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Show Notes

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Terrible 1313 Revisited, Jo Hindman, 1963

Metro Chart in the book, 1961

Metro page  

Hindman 1313 Metro Chart 1961





Biden Admin Preparing to Bring Back FULL Covid Restrictions, Rollout to Begin Mid-September

Gloomy scientists call for people to start wearing Covid masks again as they sound alarm over new variant BA.6 that has 'a lot of new mutations'






Request was made to divert water to fight Maui fire

Lahaina Fires Reveal Ongoing Power Struggle for West Maui Water Rights - Hawaii Public Radio

Infowars' Greg Reese on Maui Fire Oddities

Hawaii Gov Takes Dramatic Action To Solve Housing Crisis. But Is He Going Too Far?

Hawaii Governor Emergency Proclamation Related to Housing

Maui land for sale? Locals fear they will be bought out after fires

Hawaii Governor Admits He Wants State to Take Control of Private Property

Hawaii Office of Planning and Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development and Natural Hazards Mitigation

Hawaii adopted International Building Codes from the International Code Council

Amazon Book: Fire and Fury by Dr. Miles Stones - published two days after fires started (removed by Amazon)
Original address to where it was posted »


Screenshots of the book:

Maui resident says devastation being understated by media and officials Founder on Congressional Earmarks

Governor and Developers Meeting About Getting Rid of Permits; No Talk of Helping People, Resident Says

New Maui Police Chief Takes Helm Today

Wahiawa Fire: Emergency Crews Fight Large Bush Blaze on Hawaiian Island



UK Annual Renewable Energy Auction May Go "No Bid" For Offshore Wind Power

Ban on gas connections for new homes in Australia’s Victoria prompts calls for other states to follow suit

Goodbye, gas stoves: Victoria to ban gas from new homes by 2024

Hull breach sends 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel into Lake Michigan

The Impending Privacy Threat of Self-Driving Cars

Utilities Have “Significant Concerns” on Proposed EPA Power Plant Rules

Chaco Canyon and land lost to the feds

WHO: Climate change might require vaccinating populations against migrating mosquitoes

Biden Could Get Scorched by Green Dependency on Red China

Alarming Video Shows Chinese Troops Rehearsing For Taiwan Invasion



CORRUPTION on Universities Receiving Money from Foreign Governments

Biden: “America first” policies makes us “weaker, not stronger”


Photos Leaked of Horrific January 6 Prisoner Abuse – Tortured 5 Months in Isolation in a Closet Room with Light on and a Bucket for a Toilet — Where are the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch?






Mike Lindell's Election Speech at the Lindell Election Summit

Mike Lindell Offers Wifi Analyzer as 'Solution' to Election Fraud

Govern America | August 21, 2021 | Mostly-Peaceful Taliban
(The show where we talked about the Mike Lindell "attack" allegation)


Snippets from Lindell's Symposium (where Mike Lindell claimed he was "attacked")

Jeffrey Buongiorno's Thread on Mike Lindell's Claim of Attack

Sioux Falls PD Tweet with the same man

Unedited interview: Major Ryan Kelly, Jeff Buongiorno, Shayne Shavely on Lindell attack claims












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