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Govern America | October 2, 2021 | Praying for the Asteroid

Global technocrats' hunger for power means you are on their menu. 


Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Rona and the contact tracers. Hospital death traps, and are family physicians being told not to treat Covid patients? Entire population is being turned into research subjects. Congress kicks the funding can to December. Janet Yellen and the Biden administration want to tax wealth that Americans don't even have yet. Follow-up on the year without a summer. Mastercard is positioning itself to be the arbiter of who gets online. Another caravan of 60,000 more Haitian refugees coming to the U.S. via Panama. After attacks and smears, New York Times finally confirms Darren Beatie's reporting that FBI knew far more about January 6th incident than they previously admitted, and that "informant" entered capitol building. Why Christopher Wray's hair annoys Vicky. Communist rot at the Ford Foundation laid bare by whistleblowers. The Trump administration signed a peace agreement with the Taliban before leaving office. What do the COVID death jabs look like under a microscope? Doctor says he's witnessed cancer rates explode after the frankenshots. Governments openly at war with the People, as they announce they are going to punish and take away the freedoms of the people. Alberta's chief health officer says they will count all sick who refuse a test as COVID-positive. Doctor who predicted the pandemic may not sound so crazy now. Phone calls.




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Defend Sovereignty or Lose the Future

Excerpt from the Cox Hearing in 1952 on the Tax Exempt Foundations, testimony and documentation by Rowan Gaither, Ford Foundation.

Conversations with Mike Milken Ep. 108: No Silos, with Google Health’s David Feinberg and FasterCures’ Esther Krofah

What bothered me about Christopher Wray was his hair.  It's like a 1950's style.  What I realized the other day was that his hair was like the hair of Efrem Zimbalist Jr.  Zimbalist played an FBI guy - I thought in the 1950's but according to Wiki, it was 1965.

The point being that Christopher Wray is right out of central casting - but selected by somebody who must have watched all the old TV programs to get the stereotypes.

 That sounds crazy . . .   but it's not me that's crazy.  It's them.



House aligns with Senate and votes to avoid government shutdown with short-term funding bill

Janet Yellen Testimony: Tax Unrealized Capital Gains

Sen. John Kennedy on Yellen's Unrealized Capital Gains

Boris Johnson puts army on standby amid fuel supply crisis

EXPLAINER: Why and how the UK is experiencing a fuel crisis

Dutch Greenhouses Go Dark As Energy Crisis Worsens; Food Inflation Fears Mount For Europe

Workers Who Maintain Supply Chains Warn of Worldwide ‘System Collapse’

Democrats Slip Plans For $700,000 Vaccine Compliance Fines Under U.S. Code Section 666 Into Budget Bill





Mastercard used its dominance to dictate online platform rules, then launched its own digital ID system to capitalize on it

Panama Announces 60K Haitian Migrants Moving to U.S.

Biden Admin Gave Border Patrol ‘Official Notice’ To Get Vaxxed By November Or Be Fired, Says Whistleblower

Among Those Who Marched Into the Capitol on Jan. 6: An F.B.I. Informant

CDC implements gun violence study after naming it a 'public health threat'

Here Are the House Republicans Who Voted for the Red Flag Laws in the NDAA Bill

GOA Tweet on Red Flag Gun Law in NDAA

Leftist Filmed Harassing White Students at Arizona State Exposed as Ford Foundation Fellow

Whistleblower emails reveal partisan rot at Ford Foundation, that gets "nonpartisan" tax perks





Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan between Taliban and USA

Full Committee Hearing: “Ending the U.S. Military Mission in Afghanistan”





Andrew Von Aschenbach, former FDA Commissioner and NCI Director speaking with Michael Milken. He talks about the use of medical records and the fact that when he was with the FDA, he established FDA outposts in China and other countries.

Dr. Carrie Madej on Stew Peters' Show

Chief Moderna Science Officer, Tal Zacks, on mRNA: We're Hacking the Body's Operating System

Dr. Ryan Cole Reports 20 Times Increase of Cancer in Covid-Jabbed Patients

UK Government Report: Vast Majority of Delta Variant Deaths Are VACCINATED People, NOT Unvaccinated People

DARPA Displays Human Implant Microchip That Can Detect Viruses

New South Wales, Austraia Officials Openly Announce Taking Away Freedoms

Alberta Chief Health Officer Deena Hinshaw: Going Forward, All Sick People Who Decline Covid Tests Will Be Counted as Covid-Positive

COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Will Be Imposed on UK This Month: Minister

Israel Vaccine Passport Now Expires After Six Months, Boosters Required

Over 1 million Israelis who haven’t had 3rd dose to lose Green Pass on Sunday

Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" Dr. Rima Laibow 


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