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The Trojan Elephant from Paris That No One Wants to Address

ElephantDarren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
June 8, 2017

I keep waiting for someone to address the reality that the United States has not really left the Paris Climate Accord. As we've previously pointed out, President Trump announced that the U.S. was leaving. The liberals had to be talked off the ledge, the conservatives partied, but no one paid any attention to the fact that Trump's announcement was virtually meaningless!

Granted, it's better than submitting the agreement to Congress for ratification, which is likely what Hillary Clinton would have done, had she been elected president — assuming she thought she would have had the votes for it to pass. And granted, Trump said a few good things in his speech.

However, by announcing that the United States has withdrawn from Paris, the conservatives are now feeling their oats, energized by a perceived victory, and ready to go to sleep on the issue, completely ignoring the fact that this agreement was designed to bypass the federal government and be implemented on a "voluntary" basis at the local level.

We again quote from article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement:

"Parties recognize that some Parties choose to pursue voluntary cooperation in the implementation of their nationally determined contributions to allow for higher ambition in their mitigation and adaptation actions and to promote sustainable development and environmental integrity."

Why isn't anyone talking about this 900 ton trojan elephant that is invading our cities? If hundreds of mayors and city councils decide to voluntarily bind the populations of their cities into the agreement, then the majority of the U.S. population will be living under the tyranny of the Paris accord, despite Trump's announcement.

Hence, as you celebrate, turn flips, throw parties, exchange social media memes, you're still being sold into the slavery of the Paris accord. In short, nothing has really changed. As a nation, we were never really in the Paris agreement because it was never ratified. Therefore, announcing we've withdrawn only serves to boost the President's popularity with the conservative base. It doesn't change anything of substance.

Already we are seeing an acceleration of efforts by mayors across America who are throwing their populations under the carbon crackdown bus. The U.S. Conference of Mayors issued a statement last week entitled, "Mayors Undeterred by Paris Climate Accord Withdrawal" which stated:

The nation’s mayors today said they are undeterred by the decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord and expressed their unwavering commitment to continue efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to alleviate the impacts of global warming despite what happens at the national level. On a conference call today hosted by The U.S. Conference of Mayors, New Orleans (LA) Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who serves as USCM Vice President, stressed strong opposition to the withdrawal and explained that the bipartisan organization has taken an active role for many years to combat climate change.  “From Kyoto to Paris to today, on behalf of the Conference, it is our collective opinion that withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord is a shortsighted decision.  While we don’t necessarily disagree on ‘America First,’ it cannot be ‘America Only’ – pitting environmental protection against economic growth, which is a false choice.  Mayors will do what we need to do on our own. This is not the first time when we have had to act without Washington.”

In a separate statement, the organization declared,

Under the leadership of the bipartisan U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM), mayors have vowed their continued commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to alleviate the impacts of global warming despite what happens at the national level. ... Since 2005, the Conference has been a leader on the issue of climate change by passing numerous policies, holding several summits, as well as spearheading a bipartisan effort where more than 1,000 mayors committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their individual communities.

Mayors across America are selling their populations out, binding the people to bogus carbon-reducing schemes that will have no impact on global temperature but will have a profound impact on the quality of life for the residents. While everyone focuses their attention on Washington D.C., the controls continue to be implemented on a local level with little opposition. Back-stabbing mayors work to implement the United Nations' Agenda 21 program upon their unsuspecting populations, and freedom-loving people will do nothing to counter it because they're too busy celebrating the bravery and courage of their hero, President Donald Trump.


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