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Govern America | September 5, 2015 | Arctic Algorithm

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant

Guest: Vicky Davis


We say goodbye to a dear friend and patriot, Chris Gerner. We have new evidence to follow up on the recent live TV "shooting" incident. Also, professional actor and Gun Control crusader, Andy Parker, says he may soon buy a gun. Cultural Marxists continue to deconstruct society, pushing for boys to be able to use girls restrooms. You know the collapse of civilization is near when society doesn't know whether they are a boy or a girl. We discuss the upcoming conference of the Working Group of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to be held in Paris. We have audio from this past week's GLACIER conference where John Kerry hints at the new economic and monetary agenda.


Show Notes

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Chris Gerner, R.I.P.

FCC fines WDBJ (the station where Alison Parker worked) for airing hardcore porn

FCC intends to fine WDBJ for airing sexually explicit image during 2012 newscast

FCC License for WDBJ

Virginia Shooting 100% Hoax - CASE CLOSED

Vicki Gardner declared 'poster child' for bullet wound recovery: "doing laps around the ICU"
(Was she really shot?)

Vicki Gardner’s Husband Smiles and Laughs During CNN Interview While Talking About Wife Getting Shot (For video, follow the link - we do have off line backups)

Virginia shooting victim's father says he will need to buy gun to defend himself


Andy Parker, Professional Actor and Gun Control Crusader
(Last Week)


Andy Parker, Professional Actor & Gun Control Crusader
(This Week)


3 injured in machete attack at University of Arkansas, officials say (Time for Knife Control?)

Illinois Cops Lockdown Town in Search of Suspects in Police Shooting

Current Communist Goals — Congressional Record, January 1963

High School girls stage walkout to protest transgender student in their bathroom

University of Tennessee, Knoxville — Office for Diversity and Inclusion: Inclusive Practice: Pronoun Usage [ARCHIVED HTML] [ARCHIVED PDF]

University of Texas Removes Jefferson Davis, Woodrow Wilson Statues

IISD Reporting Services: Working Group of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Glacier Conference: Global Leadership in the Arctic

Secretary of State Kerry's remarks at GLACIER Conference
(All actualities from the GLACIER Conference came from this video)




Who Would Really Want to Live in the Eugenics Record Office? /// [Aerial Satellite View of Eugenics Record Office]

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