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Govern America | April 17, 2021 | Body Backlog

Transhumanist technocrat monsters pursue you with their syringes of death. 


Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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War drums pound as U.S. spars with Russia and diplomats expelled. Biden calls for deescalation of tensions with Russia, after escalating tensions with Russia. Deep dive into oligarchs and the real collusion that others won't discuss. Civil unrest, looting, and rioting continues throughout the country as Portland mobs burn down police station and ICE building. Meanwhile in Columbus, a mob pepper sprays cops inside their own police station. Consent decrees, used to force so-called "community policing" policies on local cops, are back under Biden. Corporations fight for bigotry, the destruction of voter integrity, and the dissolution of the nation-state. What's in it for them? Black Lives Matter founder is a devoted Marxist — except for when it comes to private property acquisition. Democrats open hotline to bury the dead. Fauci, Big Pharma and the boosters. Adverse reactions and death. COVID passports and implantable microchips. Mass shootings return with a vigilance with the Biden administration. Why did an eyewitness and the police originally say there was more than one shooter at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis? What is the Greater Idaho proposal and should we be worried that it marks a step toward the regional breakup of the United States?



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Eyewitness in Indianapolis Shooting Said There Were Two Shooters

Police Scanner: Cops Referenced Second Shooter

Shooting reported at Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor

The officer involved in a shooting at a Knoxville high school is identified as a 20-year police department veteran





These 107 Corporations Signal Opposition to Election Integrity






Ashli Babbitt’s Legal Team Releases Statement After DOJ Abruptly Closes Investigation into Her Murder inside the US Capitol

Daunte Wright accused of choking and robbing woman at gunpoint, had arrest warrant

Riot Declared in Portland After Protesters Set Police Station On Fire

Portland ICE building set on fire during Saturday night protest: reports

How the National Guard prevented massive riots after Daunte Wright shooting

Violent BLM Mob Breaks Into Columbus, Ohio Police Station — Pepper Spray Police Officer!

BLM Rioters in Brooklyn Center Chase and Attack CNN Crew, but CNN's Response Is Incredible

Marxist Black Lives Matter Founder Didn’t Just Buy a Million Dollar Compound — She Bought FOUR High End Homes, Complete With Airplane Hangars

Target sells Woke Prayer Book: “Dear God, Please help me to hate White people.”

Open Borders Politician and Wife Attacked, Tied Up, and Beaten by Refugees

George W. Bush Renews Amnesty Push for Illegal Immigrants





FEMA Hotline Press Conference

Americans might start getting a 3rd booster shot for Moderna vaccines this year

Pfizer CEO says a THIRD Covid vaccine dose will be needed as soon as six months after someone receives two shots - with annual vaccinations to follow

Dr. Fauci: ‘We very well may need to get booster shots’ for Covid — here’s when

Study: Similar rate of blood clots after Pfizer, AstraZeneca shots

Nearly a quarter of registered Covid deaths are NOT caused by the virus, new statistics show amid calls to speed up route out of lockdown

Brooklyn woman gets COVID 3 weeks after Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Breakthrough COVID

TV personality who boasted of being vaccinated, pressuring her mom to do the same dies after receiving jab

Vax deaths: 1.2% of Michigan vaccine recipients have died, higher than COVID-19 death rate

Media Blackout: Deaths In Europe Following Experimental COVID Injections Rise 68%, Injuries Nearly Double In Less Than A Month

Nearly 40% of Marines have rejected coronavirus vaccine as Dems call on Biden admin to make shots mandatory for troops – reports

Lawmakers call on Biden to make COVID vaccines mandatory for the military

California County to Launch Digital Vaccine Passport Pilot

60 Minutes COVID Implant

Pentagon Scientists Working in Secretive Unit Create Microchip to be Inserted Underneath Skin, Which Will Detect Covid-19

Top Gretchen Whitmer Aide Takes Spring Break Trip to Florida, Ignoring MI Gov’s Warning

Gretchen Whitmer Health Director Disregards Governor’s Spring Break Warning, Travels to Alabama





Iran starts enriching uranium to 60%, its highest level ever

US to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11

Putin blocks ALL foreign warships from reaching Ukraine after Biden's Black Sea U-Turn: Russia closes Kerch Strait after Joe sent two Navy battleships but then called them off

Biden calls for de-escalation of tensions with Russia following sanctions over unproven charges of hacking & election meddling

Russia to expel 10 US diplomats in response to Biden actions

Jake Morphonios at Blackstone Intelligence on the Oligarchs










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