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Govern America | January 23, 2021 | Arbiters of Public Discourse



Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Joe Biden sworn in as 46th president of the United States amid unprecedented security and few real attendees. As discouragement and disenfranchisement abounds on the Right, we make the case for optimism and discuss the way forward for freedom-loving people. Will a new political party be the answer to our problems? Or should we be refocusing our efforts on state and local government, where we can potentially have a real impact? Should we be concerned that Biden's senior advisor, Anita Dunn, touts Mao Tse Tung as one of the philosophers she "turns to the most"? Communist China makes no secret of the fact that they love Joe Biden. Biden revokes Trump's protections of the power grid. Open phones as we talk about local action, elimination of private property, battles of the past — what has worked and what hasn't — tech solutions to tech problems, and more. Is Chuck Schumer getting a little too excited about the impeachment prosecution?



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SHOW NOTES 1/23/21

Trump’s Exit Approval Rating Higher than Biden’s Entrance Approval Rating

Biden Advisor Anita Dunn Loves Mao Tse Tung

'Total submission': With mass arrests, China neutralizes Hong Kong democracy movement

China orders military to be ready for war ‘at any second’ as Brit aircraft carrier prepares to sail to South China Sea

ANTIFA PORTLAND Tear Up Democrat Headquarters

Twitter Finally Cracks Down on Antifa Terrorists Now That "Election" is Over

Chuck Schumer: Senate Must Decide if Trump Cited Erection

Slow start: Biden’s opening approval below Trump and Obama, just 48%

The Case Against Retroactive Impeachment Trials: A Response To The Open Letter Of Scholars

Here are the 30 executive orders and actions Biden signed in his first three days

Massive power outage leaves Pakistan in the dark

ALERT: Biden Suspends Securing U.S. Power Grid

Nancy Morgan Hart / Headlines with a Voice on Biden Removal of Trump Protections on Power Grid

Trump Executive order 13920

Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Center for Strategic and International Studies Event on "CIVICS AS A NATIONAL SECURITY IMPERATIVE: THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY"


Tails - portable operating system that protects against
surveillance and censorship.

Here is the link to the UN Conference of Mayors at the launch of the Strong Cities Network that I mentioned several time. It was during this conference that De Blasio used the word nurture.




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