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Govern America | November 14, 2020 | The Role of Declaring the Winner



Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Deep dive into Dominion election connections, and whistleblower claims of voter fraud. What role does Edison Research have in the media propaganda, surrounding election numbers? New York Times walks back comment that media declares presidential winner. Election isn't over, even though Joe Biden has been crowned "winner" by the Establishment media. Biden and Democrats talking to world leaders about foreign policy, despite going after Michael Flynn on criminal charges for doing the same thing. Michigan AG Dana Nessel threatens journalist in stunning attack on the First Amendment. Fox News continues to Drudge themselves toward irrelevance. Maxine Waters revealed Obama's Big Brother database in 2013, and more.



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World Reconstruction —Vicky Davis (article about Moral Order / management regions)

 From Swords to Plowshares —Vicky Davis (article Vicky mentioned about Mikhail Gorbachev and the military base closures)








Pandora's Black Box: Did It Really Count Your Vote?


Michigan AG to right-wing website: Take down misleading videos

Tucker Carlson Takes on "Night-So-Bright" Michigan AG Dana Nessel -Tucker Carlson Tonight, November 11, 2020

Michigan AG Dana Nessel Asks People to Quit Urging Staff to Shove Sharpies Into Uncomfortable Places

Edision Research Providing Data to Networks, New York Times

Ben Rhodes Admits Joe Biden Talking to World Leaders About Foreign Policy - Exactly the Same Reason They Pursued Michael Flynn

Official responsible for vote count claimed Trump was on side of 'Nazis'

REVEALED: Joe Biden’s incoming chief of staff said elections are rigged

George Soros Looms Large Over Biden Transition

Dominion Voting Systems Shares Floor Space With Soros Group, Partnered With Soros’ Friend

Democrat Rep. Zoe Lofgren on Voting System Security

GEORGIA: Ex-Kemp Staffer Lobbies For DOMINION, Voting Madness Leads To Lame ‘Recount’

‘Slow leak’: Text messages cast doubt on Georgia officials’ ‘burst pipe’ excuse for pause in counting

Multiple Michigan Residents Swear Under Oath They Witnessed Vote Fraud

Lou Dobbs Interview with Melissa Carone, the Dominion Whistleblower

RedPill78 Interview with Dominion Whistleblowerr, Melissa Carone

'We did it!' Wife of Fox News heir goes public after Fox declares Biden winner

New York Times deletes tweet after claiming 'role of declaring the winner' falls on the media

Detroit contracted poll workers from firm owned by key figure in ex-mayor's corruption case

Republicans say thousands in Wisconsin may have circumvented voter ID requirement

Federal Election Commission Chair, Trey Trainor, Believes Fraud Taking Place in 2020 Election

Steve Bannon's War Room Pandemic: Phil Kline on Mark Zuckerberg's Privatization of U.S. Elections

The Law is Clear: If An Election is Stolen, State Legislatures Can Restore The Will of The People

The Electoral College: A 2020 Presidential Election Timeline

Allum Bokhari at Hillsdale College on the Subject of Big Tech Manipulation and Control

Maxine Waters, Circa February 2013: “Obama Has Put In Place” Secret Database With “Everything On Everyone”







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