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Govern America | June 20, 2020 | Woke Virus

A bra as a facemask.


Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Deep dive into Operation Warp Speed. Why Americans should be very worried about the COVID-19 vaccine and the process that produces it. Scientists running UK-sponsored study to prove hydroxychloroquine no good for COVID-19, were apparently overdosing patients on the wrong drug. WHO admits asymptomatic transmission "very rare", then walks it back. UN Secretary General wants "a People's vaccine". UN tweets support for Antifa. Police MIA as more statues are torn down, including in D.C. More evidence the government is complicit? White counter-protesters violently clash with Black Lives Matter in Ohio. BLM chapter co-founder demands whites give up their homes to "people of color". Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy says whites should show "sense of shame" and "embarrassment". Crime in the CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle skyrockets as some say rapes, looting, extortion, threats and intimidation rule the day. CHAZ warlord under fire after "homophobic" tweets surface.  Fired U.S. attorney says he's not leaving.  SCOTUS on a terror. Chuck Schumer gets choked up over DACA. 



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DOJ tries to oust US attorney investigating Trump allies

Senator Chuck Schumer Gets Choked Up Over SCOTUS DACA Decision




UN Secretary General António Guterres: World needs unity, solidarity, and "a People's vaccine"

FDA Pulls Emergency Approval of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

UK halts trial of hydroxychloroquine as 'useless' for COVID-19 patients

James Todaro, MD on the RECOVERY Study

NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio Defends Welding Playground Gates Shut

One in five coronavirus patients caught the virus in hospital

WHO Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Van Kerkhove: Asymptomatic Transmission 'Very Rare'

WHO Epidemiologist, Van Kerkhove: Forget what I said about asymptomatic transmission being 'very rare'

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Good Morning America: Forget what she said about asymptomatic transmission being 'very rare'

Ben Swann: Two Studies Find that COVID-19 Was Almost Certainly Manufactured in a Lab

EcoHealth Alliance - Partners

National Guard Chief and Project Warp Speed Confirmation Hearing

54 NIH scientists reportedly fired or resigned during espionage probe




Black Lives Matter Protester Arrested After Shooting at Upset Driver Stuck at Corner After They Shut the Street Down

National Park Police in DC Nowhere to Be Found as Mob Takes Down Federal Govt Owned Statue

UN Geneva tweet supporting Antifa.


UN Tweets Antifa Flag, ‘Express Concern’ Over the Violent Leftist Anarchists Being Branded ‘Terrorists’

Black Lives Matter protest of 80 people in tiny Ohio town where just 13 black residents live is overrun by 700 white counterprotesters armed with rifles, handguns and baseball bats

Obianuju Ekeochat on Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Use of African Cultural Appropriation

Nancy Pelosi Silent on Own Father Who Oversaw Dedication of Confederate Statue

GBI opens probe of Fulton DA Paul Howard over use of nonprofit funds

Police Union Director, Vincent Champion: Atlanta Police Officers Now Afriad to Do Their Jobs

Atlanta Police Refusing to Work

NY Police Union Chief: Stop Treating Us Like Animals

Washington State Police Chief Ousted After Praising Armed Citizens Who Gathered to Block Rioters

Portland Police Move in Quickly to Demolish CHAZ

Irony Overload: Autonomous Zone ‘Warlord’ May Soon Be Canceled after Old Homophobic Tweets Surface

Black Lives Matter Chapter Co-Founder Demands White People Give Up Their Homes

Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy: White People Should Shine Black People's Shoes to Show a 'Sense of Shame' and 'Embarrassment'

CHAZ Occupier Suggests "Rounding Up All The White People" Into Work Brigades


Deputy Receives Kind Note from Two Women at Cracker Barrel After They Pay for His Breakfast





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