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Govern America | April 4, 2020 | Disease Games



Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Hospitals consider letting patients with the COVID-19 virus die. Snitches permeate the land as police state tightens its grip. Churches and funerals being shut down while pastors are arrested. National guard going door to door arresting people for traveling. Guns and ammo sales being banned, in some places, as are food seeds banned as "non-essential". What is Dr. Anthony Fauci's real role in the Trump administration, given his expressed love for Hillary Clinton? Despite admitting in the New England Journal of Medicine that COVID-19 might be no more severe than a really bad flu, Fauci says "social distancing" can only be relaxed when cases go down to zero. CDC statistics were very draconian in 2009-2010, yet no lockdowns occurred then. More healthcare workers and military personnel say virus is "just the flu" and it is being over-hyped by the media. Bill Gates pushing digital certification for vaccinations as a condition for travel. Chinese researchers believe COVID-19 virus attacks male reproduction parts and hormones. ID2020 vaccination tracking program. Several phone calls in the final hour.


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John in California says: "It is a MYTH that Vitamin C causes Kidney stones..... Don't believe me, look at this site that proves it!"

"Here is a list of articles discussing Vitamin C and Kidney stones, though the link above should be more than sufficient to convince one that there is no need to worry about kidney stones"



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