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Govern America | January 18, 2020 | Commie Laundering

 Mao Zedong in a washing machine.


Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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The Senate passes the USMCA, NAFTA expansion, just before the Articles of Impeachment are delivered. Jeopardy contestants have no idea who Adam Schiff is. Democrat debates and Bernie vs. Sanders dispute illustrate why you can't trust the media. Why is Alan Dershowitz on Trump's impeachment Defense Team? Justice Department opens investigation into James Comey. Entire Russian government resigns as Vladamir Putin pushes for reorganization toward a more parliamentary system. Deep dive into Vicky's research on Hong Kong and the concept of "One Country, Two Systems". More on China's colonizing of Africa, and poor countries. Followup on Iran, Qasem Soleimani, and the claim that they murdered over 600 American soldiers. County sheriff in North Carolina takes a stand for the Constitution. With Second Amendment rallies set to take place at the Virginia capitol on Monday, agents provocateur from the opposing side will be a real danger. 


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Senate passes USMCA trade deal 89-10 before receiving impeachment articles



Warren vs. Bernie Dispute: Why People Don't Trust CNN

CNN Airs Hot Mic of Sanders and Warren Bickering After Debate

Crazy Media Commentary During Delivery of Articles of Impeachment

Trump’s Impeachment Team Will Include Ken Starr And Alan Dershowitz

Jeopardy Contestants Can't Name Adam Schiff

DOJ investigating Comey over role in classified leaks during Clinton email drama – report




Russian Government Resigns

Power-Sharing: Putin Proposes Elegant Solution for Russia's Further Democratisation - Observers



One Country, Two Systems —Vicky Davis

Two Chinese nationals accused of taking pictures at restricted US naval property

Is Iraq About To Become A Chinese Client State?

C-Span Interviews Lawrence Eagleburger

Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawk, 1988

How Africa is Becoming China's China

Trump Signed Off on Phase 1 of Trade "Deal" with China





Trump authorized Soleimani's assassination 7 months ago: Report

Wall Street Journal Report from 2015 About Qasem Soleimani Fighting ISIS

State Department Press Briefing, April 2, 2019 — Ambassador Brian Hook First Makes Claim of Iran Killing 600 American Troops

Navy Commander Sean Robertson Admits Pentagon Has No Study, Documentation, or Data to Support Claim That Iran Killed 600 American Soldiers

Syrian Ambassador to India, Daniel Chuburu




Instruction: The Grassroots Power of the People —Roger Mundy

Virginia Gun Control Backgrounder

Virginia State Senator Warns: I want you to be aware of how we are being set up

Davidson County, North Carolina Sheriff Tripp Caster Takes a Stand: I Won't Enforce an Unconstitutional Gun Law

Davidson County commissioners unanimously vote to become Second Amendment protection county

Virginia: Huge Pro-Gun Crowd Shows Up To Protest – Legislature Pulls Gun Confiscation Bill

NRA Supporters Flood Virginia Capitol, Push Dems to Change Gun-Control Bills

'God-given right': Virginia Democrats set off 'Second Amendment sanctuary' spree in Florida



Monumental Improvement in Conservation Possible With New ‘Umbrella’ Species 


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